5 key moments at the Amazon India Tech Conference

Directors and leaders from across the globe attended the 2 day event at AITC Chennai.

Strack - A posture correcting device that allows you track your back, all day long!

More often than not, we have been advised against slouching or sitting in a wrong position. Sometimes it causes mild back pain and other times it causes chronic pain, but according to doctors – a bad posture is detrimental to quality of life.

Rapsodia - A family business that was born offline and is now growing online

Business stories come in different shapes and sizes. Some might fail while some may succeed. It sometimes is a see-saw and other times only uphill. But some stories have a beautiful twist to them Read this story to know about a home-grown company Rapsodia.

AITC Chennai : Deep-dive into learning, innovating and newer ideas

Directors and engineers across Amazon are coming together for an in-depth learning session including strategies and insights on innovations, interactive workshops, fireside chat, panel discussion, tech talks, technical deep-dives and more.

Escape Routes: KDP authors’ journey into writing and beyond!

Inspired by Murakami, Pico Iyer, Jhumpa Lahari and other renowned writers and poets, this award winning author talks about her journey on writing, reading and publishing.

Roshni: Lighting up the world of Indian weavers

We buy products online. We admire them and use them to decorate our homes. Ever wonder what brings them to the online world? Who sources these products from far and wide? Read more to know the story behind these products

Award winning author from Tamil Nadu

A successful journey of Vignesh, award winning author whose works in Tamil are now on the Kindle

When passion meets profession: A story behind Amazon Operations

Have you ever wondered about the invisible army that works behind the scenes, silently changing the way India shops? Thanks to our soldiers who work untiringly across Amazon Operations sites, your brand new packages are smoothly delivered at your doorstep.

'KDP worked out beautifully for a multi-tasker like me'

If writing poetry was a full-time job, then Anurakti, a pediatric cardiologist would be a full-time poetess. Here is an interesting conversation with the winner of KDP Pen to Publish Contest for Hindi - Anurakti Dev.

Back to work: Amazon supports an effortless transition for new parents

Post maternity many parents feel overwhelmed, confused and conflicted. In such situations, it helps a great deal if the organisation you work for has a culture that supports working mothers and steps up to ensure that returning to your job is as easy as easy can be!

15 desi quirky gifts for your cart - all made in India!

Here’s a list of 15 quirky products that are made in India and are available on Amazon India. So start reading and get ready to add these goodies to your cart!

9 key milestones that lit up the festive journey for sellers

Meeting targets, country-wide reach and amplified growth - thrilled sellers talk about all this and more!
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