The Great Indian Festival first sale is its biggest celebration ever yet

Over 65,000 sellers from 500+ cities receive orders in just 5 days; over 88% new customers are from small towns. Read on to know more...

A festive journey like never before

A house-on-wheels roadshow with over 600 products from including selection by small & medium businesses across States & Union Territories of India gets underway

From rags to pads: Know the 'menstrual man' of India

Amazon Cares partners with the menstrual man of India, Arunachalam Muruganatham, inventor of the world’s first low cost sanitary pad machine. Read this story of a simple man’s journey to social sustainability.

9 key milestones that lit up the festive journey for sellers

Meeting targets, country-wide reach and amplified growth - thrilled sellers talk about all this and more!

'It is my honour to have witnessed your success'

Gopal Pillai, Vice President and GM, Seller Services, Amazon India thanks sellers after the cracking start to the festive season

Dancing to new tunes!

The story behind Amazon India’s new Associates’ Anthem.

Escape Routes: KDP authors’ journey into writing and beyond!

Inspired by Murakami, Pico Iyer, Jhumpa Lahari and other renowned writers and poets, this award winning author talks about her journey on writing, reading and publishing.

36 hours of Great Indian Festival sees record participation from Digital Bharat sees record single day Prime membership sign ups, new shoppers & small sellers participation from across India

Building a trusted and convenient digital experience

India is at the cusp of a digital payments revolution and Amazon Pay hopes to lead the way.

Award winning author from Tamil Nadu

A successful journey of Vignesh, award winning author whose works in Tamil are now on the Kindle

Moving towards plastic free packaging

Amazon India unveils long term sustainable packaging initiatives; aims to eliminate single use plastic packaging by June 2020. Paper cushions to replace plastic dunnage in all Amazon India Fulfilment Centers by end of the year.

Sellers spill their secrets for a blockbuster Diwali

With exponential sales growth, they are making this festive sale count

Indians and the moon – a relationship of love, poetry, 'dates' and now pride!

As we celebrate Chandrayaan 2, our lunar mission that goes to the Moon's south polar region, we also look at how the moon has always been an integral part of our life

From writing in English to becoming an award-winning Hindi author

For every thought that was penned down, a thousand wandered around her! And that is how Nandini became an award-winning author Nandini Kumar’.

Rising from the ashes of a flailing business, Sunil tells his story of grit and resilience

Sunil’s life and business had hit rock bottom in 2014. After a bad investment of a huge sum in a distribution business he saw a glimmer of hope when his friend told him about the Amazon Service Partner program.

How these women in Kolkata are helping sellers ride the digital wave

Read the interesting story on how these wonder women from Kolkata are riding on the digital wave to create a powerful impact for sellers through Amazon Pay

'KDP worked out beautifully for a multi-tasker like me'

If writing poetry was a full-time job, then Anurakti, a pediatric cardiologist would be a full-time poetess. Here is an interesting conversation with the winner of KDP Pen to Publish Contest for Hindi - Anurakti Dev.
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