Visit to a blind school in India inspires this student to use voice to change the world

Developer Tushar Chugh invites other developers to explore his open-source project and start daydreaming about their own voice-first innovations

'Failure fuels my drive. It pushes me further'

Kuldeep, who is part of Amazon Web Services, is one of the 40-odd Indians and the only Amazonian from our country to have ever successfully completed IRONMAN, one of the world’s toughest triathlons.​ Let's get to know about this Amazonian...

'Of course there was nervousness when I was about to write The Girl in Room 105'

Chetan Bhagat speaks about exploring a new genre for his latest book, a thriller, which is about obsessive love and finding purpose in life against the backdrop of contemporary India. This is the first title of the six-book global deal that Amazon Publishing announced with Chetan Bhagat in April this year.

'The Indian spirit of innovation is making possible so many exciting offerings for Indian consumers '

Dressed in a traditional Indian kurta, Jamil Ghani, VP, Prime & Marketing International, posed with Amazon India's Prime head Akshay Sahi, before he settled down for a Q&A and told us what amazes him about India, what work life balance means to him, which are his favourite leadership principles and lots more...

Bringing more women into the STEM fold with Amazon India’s ‘I Want to Code’ programme

The key objective of the programme is to empower girls with information about career opportunities, technology skills, first hand experiences from seasoned professionals in the industry, and inspire them to become innovators in future.

12 things that make Ajrakh unique

From its centuries old origins to the special process of its creation- find out what makes Ajrakh truly unique.

Tied Ribbons – opening doors for Indian art and handicraft

Working with artisans from across India, Priya Tyagi resolved to bring Indian art and handicraft back from the brink of death

Teaching Alexa your language

In a major first step to break the language barrier for Indian customers, Amazon India announces the launch of in Hindi

The secret behind Alexa’s desi connection

Meet the developers who are building skills to make Alexa a friend in Indian homes

Taking ecommerce to India's heartland with Project Udaan

A wide network of Amazon’s offline associates is making online shopping the new normal in small town India and beyond

Rogan: The art that’s made direct dil se!

This is what Abdul Gafoor Khatri, master artisan and one of the last few custodians of this art form says about the art. We speak to him on how he is working to keep the art alive…
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