When robots helped hospitals clean up safely during the pandemic

Rajeev Karwal speaks of how the robots his company makes helped the AIIMS docs during the pandemic and how their newest product line, launched on Prime Day, will make cleaning easy and safe.

Of friendships that forged successful businesses too!

This Friendship Day, we bring to you some immortal stories on friendship from literature and media which have shaped our lives.

'We are fully geared up for delivering a safe and successful Prime Day for our customers'

As India is gearing up for Prime Day this year, Prakash Kumar Dutta, Director, IN Fulfilment Centre & Supply Chain Operations, Amazon India speaks about the various measures that have been taken to deliver a safe Prime Day...

Prime Reading to look forward to, this Prime Day

As Prime members enjoy unlimited reading from a rotating selection of best-selling eBooks, we speak to a few authors who have some exciting content to offer this Prime Day. Prime Reading is available to members on their Kindle E-readers and the free Kindle app and gives members access to high quality digital content, and enables authors to reach out to millions of readers.

From big brands to home grown businesses, all are ‘Primed’ for D-day

Despite the COVID crisis this year, Prime Day 2020 promises to be special with big brands, small businesses and entrepreneurs all ready to offer special deals at this mega shopping event.

What is Amazon Prime?

Launched in India in 2016, Amazon Prime is India’s leading membership program that provides an unparalleled combination of shopping and entertainment benefits to its members. Here is a list of reasons to be a Prime member...

A warm concoction of friendship and business

Start-up built on the strong bedrock of friendship? A heart-warming story of two friends – Sachet Koul and Sid from Happy Games, is one such. Read on...

Amazon India announces 20,000 seasonal employment opportunities in Customer Service

This announcement beefs up capacity to meet the growing customer demand in India and worldwide. Most of the positions are part of Amazon’s ‘Virtual Customer Service’ program that provides flexible work-from-home options.

Amazon India is creating close to 50,000 seasonal opportunities across its fulfilment and delivery network

The associates will join other thousands of associates across Amazon India’s fulfilment and delivery network and assist them to pick, pack, ship and deliver customers’ orders placed for sellers more efficiently.

How two buddies from IIT teamed up for a laudable cause

On the occasion of Friendship Day, we speak to two college friends, who came together to make female hygiene products they truly believed in. A case of friendship forging a successful partnership...

Small businesses hope big for Prime Day

Many SMBs are eagerly awaiting Prime Day, which brings with it the promise of new customers and increased sales. So let’s take a look at what some of our sellers hope for this Prime Day.

How two nature loving friends turned their passion into a profession

The year was 2004, when Vignesh Kaneria first met Alpesh Donga through a mutual friend, in the city of Rajkot. Little did he know that this would be the beginning of a long-standing friendship, which would turn into a successful business venture years later.

Amazon India announces 10 new Fulfilment Centres; continues to invest in the country

Expands its operational network to more than 60 fulfilment centres across 15 States Increases storage capacity by 20% to a total of more than 32 million cubic feet

7 years and it's still Day 1!

As Amazon.in turns 7 in India, its journey has been marked by many memorable moments - big and small. As we turn a year older and grow bigger, we ask Amazonians to tell us how they strive to keep alive the Day 1 culture. Read on...

'The digital medium allows writers to be a little more self indulgent'

We sat down with Akshay Manwani ahead of Prime Day, where we were granted a glimpse into his upcoming story titled ‘More Than the Angry Young Man: The Films of Salim-Javed’

Amazon India announces Prime Day 2020

Prime Day starts at midnight on Thursday, August 6 and will run for 48 hours. Discover Joy with new product launches, best deals, blockbuster entertainment and more on August 6 and 7.

Bachi Karkaria regales readers with a tale of two cities

After serving as the editor of the largest selling English-language daily in India, prominent columnist and satirist Bachi Karkaria has an exciting, new launch for her readers this Prime Day.
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