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'10,000 Electric Vehicles in our delivery fleet by 2025'

Amazon India has piloted electric vehicles in several cities across India in 2019; and is now expanding this initiative across the country

'We will double down on our investment in content'

Prime Video event witnesses the SRK charm, the Rahman magic and more. Here’s a low down on the star spangled evening...

Jeff Bezos arrives in India, says '21st century is going to be an Indian century'

And like all good gifts, this year needs to be wrapped up as well. Read on to learn more about Amazon India’s reasons to celebrate 2019:

Smbhav 2020 Live: When the spotlight's on small business

Get live updates and inspiring insights as business leaders, sellers and visionaries address the Smbhav 2020 summit which gets underway in New Delhi on Jan 15, 2020. Stay tuned for more.

A store owner, an MBA pursuant, and a dependable brother who is delivering smiles

Here is a sneak-peek into the life of Amol Patil, a 27-year-old store owner, an MBA student, a family man and a fund provider for his brothers education! Wonder how he is able to play multiple constructive roles in life? Read on to know more about the interesting journey of his life.

Back to work: Amazon supports an effortless transition for new parents

Post maternity many parents feel overwhelmed, confused and conflicted. In such situations, it helps a great deal if the organisation you work for has a culture that supports working mothers and steps up to ensure that returning to your job is as easy as easy can be!

Amazon plans to create 1 million new jobs in India by 2025

The company will create 1 million new direct and indirect jobs with continued investments in technology, infrastructure, and logistics1 million new jobs is on top of the 700,000 jobs Amazon has already created since 2013 – totaling 1.7 million Amazon direct and indirect jobs by 2025Amazon is considered India’s ‘most attractive employer’

When small business wins big!

Here's a look at those entrepreneurs who won at Smbhav 2020

Of the story behind the Amazon storyboxes!

Read this interesting account by Satish Upadhyay - Head, Seller Marketing, Amazon India, about the birth of Amazon Storyboxes, the people behind it and of course the sellers who now have a face on their box.

Meet the doctor of Oman who is a Tamil writer for the world!

This year, KDP Pen to Publish Contest encouraged authors of regional languages by including categories for Hindi and Tamil alongside English.

Best of Prime 2019: All that is new and popular in Prime this year

Amazon’s annual Best of Prime celebrates what members shopped for, watched, listened to, and read most over the last year

A zero investment program that changed the life of this father

A father recounts how this unique program helped his specially –abled son get the care he so needed

Strack - A posture correcting device that allows you track your back, all day long!

More often than not, we have been advised against slouching or sitting in a wrong position. Sometimes it causes mild back pain and other times it causes chronic pain, but according to doctors – a bad posture is detrimental to quality of life.

Voice-control with Alexa is helping people with disabilities

Read here to know Alexa and other assistive technology devices are helping people with disabilities in improving their quality of life.

Project Zero launches in India

Project Zero introduces additional proactive mechanisms and powerful tools to identify, block and remove counterfeits.
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