Learning science and math? Bring it on, say kids at these Mumbai schools

AWS InCommunities has joined hands with Amazon Cares in India, to set up STEAM labs in six schools located in in Navi Mumbai and has seen encouraging results.

Saluting the veterans at our workplace

Their transition from disciplined, military roles to civilian corporate careers is tough, but they shine as natural leaders

A festive journey like never before

A house-on-wheels roadshow with over 600 products from Amazon.in including selection by small & medium businesses across States & Union Territories of India gets underway

Moving towards plastic free packaging

Amazon India unveils long term sustainable packaging initiatives; aims to eliminate single use plastic packaging by June 2020. Paper cushions to replace plastic dunnage in all Amazon India Fulfilment Centers by end of the year.

'We used to sit on the floor and write code'

From 5 coders working out of a rented space in 2004 in India, to being part of Amazon's only owned campus building outside of the US, Amit Agarwal, SVP and Country Manager, Amazon India takes us through this journey

Dancing to new tunes!

The story behind Amazon India’s new Associates’ Anthem.

Using nano tech to power everyday clothing

How Turms, who started on Amazon Launchpad as a fashion brand, is breaking new ground and creating intelligent apparel that is anti-stain, anti-odour and cooler!

'KDP worked out beautifully for a multi-tasker like me'

If writing poetry was a full-time job, then Anurakti, a pediatric cardiologist would be a full-time poetess. Here is an interesting conversation with the winner of KDP Pen to Publish Contest for Hindi - Anurakti Dev.

Confronting the stigma associated with transgenders

Bestselling writer Ajay K Pandey with his new book he express new human emotions and feelings that go beyond romance.

From writing in English to becoming an award-winning Hindi author

For every thought that was penned down, a thousand wandered around her! And that is how Nandini became an award-winning author Nandini Kumar’.

7 things you should know about Amazon's newest campus

This is Amazon’s first owned office building outside the US, and is the single largest building globally. Learn more...

Indians and the moon – a relationship of love, poetry, 'dates' and now pride!

As we celebrate Chandrayaan 2, our lunar mission that goes to the Moon's south polar region, we also look at how the moon has always been an integral part of our life

Owned and loving it!

Spread over 9.5 acres and built to support more than 15,000 employees, the new campus reaffirms Amazon’s long-term commitment to India

Our 'AmazIN' journey: From one hundred SMBs 6 years ago, to half a million today!

Gopal Pillai, Vice President and GM, Seller Services, Amazon India recounts the company's journey from a 100 sellers 6 years ago to over 5 lakh today...

Small businesses look to repeat last year's success this Prime Day

Ahead of the big shopping days, our sellers and service partners tell us they are excited for the big days.

'Raavan's probably the darkest book I've ever written'

Author Amish Tripathi's long-awaited third book in the Ram Chandra Series – Raavan - Enemy of Aryavarta is out...

‘Seeding’ a bond with nature this Raksha Bandhan

A rakhi made from naturally dyed, organic cotton yarn and seeds is what's making this festival 'green'
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