The idea of Impossible Foods, co-founded by the young entrepreneur, Vivan Futehally, is about creating value from the local farmer to an urban consumer. This organic food brand’s core philosophy is to use raw materials and ingredients sourced directly from small farmer groups, before turning them into great bread and passing them on to consumers looking for a healthy product.

Says Vivan, “We’ve chosen to deal primarily with farmers from local ethnic communities of the region that we operate from, which is Alibaug, Maharashtra. Our choice of location has meant that we have to deal with certain supply chain challenges.”

Supply chain challenges

Tucked away in the picturesque coastal town of Alibaug, Impossible Foods does not enjoy easy access to a lot of resources and services that an establishment in a metropolitan city would have no problems about. “We’re three to four hours from the nearest city,” informs Vivan, “But with Amazon, it’s all a click away. They make sure that we’re on time, all the time.”

It’s three-four hours to the nearest city (from Alibaug), where as with Amazon, it’s a click away. They make sure we are on time.
Vivan Futehally

Initially, it took the organic food producer a lot of time and effort to put its supply chain in place. Ultimately, Vivan and the brand’s other stakeholders realised that the local vendors didn’t have the supplies or weren’t able to get them on time. “We didn’t think Amazon would have it either, but sure enough, it was there and in just a couple of clicks, we had it in no time at all,” smiles Vivan.

Amazon Business helped the brand source all its needs, right from large equipment to simple supplies like cleaning fluids. “The other thing that we often buy from Amazon at planting season are seedling trays and coco peat,” adds Vivan.

The Amazon Business advantage

Thanks to Amazon’s dedicated business platform, an idea was transformed into a reality, and this food products business from Alibaug was able to make the right choices. In addition, the platform’s other advantages, such as GST invoices for claiming input credit tax has helped this organic food producer.

“So with any business, one of the big things that one has to do is accounting,” explains Vivan. “Now with Amazon’s new tool you can download an entire excel file (or PDF file) with all the data right down to the nitty-gritty, including GST amounts, which become very easy to upload in an accounting software.”

The key reason that Impossible Foods has been using Amazon Business is the fact that Amazon has proved to be an efficient business partner. “It makes our lives easier and our growth path quicker!” exclaims Vivan.