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The joy of being an imperfect parent

Psychologist and family therapist Shelja Sen writes on the challenges of parenting and why it is okay to relax and let the child be

Why we need to instill faith in our children

Meditation teacher and Carnatic singer Bhanumathi Narasimhan speaks on how we can enable children to blossom into happier, more thoughtful, individuals.

Sridevi’s love story with the silver screen

Lalita's Iyer latest book takes us through the long and illustrious journey of Sridevi in tinsel town

'I thought I wouldn't write about mental health again'

Best-selling author Preeti Shenoy tells us story behind the story of 'Life is What You Make It'

The love story of a man and his music

Namita Devidayal, author of the acclaimed bestseller, The Music Room, recreates the extraordinary life of Ustad Vilayat Khan, who fundamentally and forever changed Indian instrumental music. Filled with previously untold stories about the man and the musician, this is an intimate portrait of an uncommon genius, Namita tells us more...

'When you sleep, your body goes into maintenance mode'

Happiness guru Khurshed Batliwala speaks about the importance of sleep and how it can make or break your health and well-being in his latest book Happiness Express.

'Writing a good romantic story is a great challenge'

Author Anand Neelakantan tells us about the journey that led to his latest book...

I am a heretic because I love Amazon: Jeffrey Archer

Listen to the best selling author speak about his love for India, his admiration for R K Narayan and why he thinks he can never write about India...

'Getting better needs a deliberate strategy'

In a Q&A, author Chandramouli Venkatesan, speaks about "getting better" the main theme of his latest book

What did I learn from Sita and Radha?

The complex social, political and religious attitudes of ‘modern’ India cannot be deciphered without an understanding of our myths and their impact on the collective faith of our people. Read on to know more...
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