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7 books on women scientists you must have on your bookshelf

As an ode to women in science everywhere, we have put together a list of 7 inspiring books that celebrate the lives, intellect, and scientific contributions of the best female scientists from across the globe.
on 05 February 2021
February 11 is the International Day of Celebrating Women and Girls in Science. To say that science has largely been the domain of men would not be an exaggeration. However, there have been extraordinary women scientists across centuries. Women who have with their mind, bravery, and the will to change the world, made distinguished contributions to the world of science. While some of them are celebrated even today, there are others long forgotten and many more who nobody knows.

As an ode to women in science everywhere, we have put together a list of 7 inspiring books that celebrate the lives, intellect, and scientific contributions of the best female scientists from across the globe.
  1. Girl Power: Indian Women Who Broke the Rules

    Girl Power: Indian Women Who Broke The Rules is one of the most inspiring books on women available on shelves today. It narrates the stories of 50 Indian women, highlighting their individual struggles, professional highs and lows and celebrating their biggest achievements across different professions. From female scientists such as organic chemist Asima Chatterjee to entrepreneurs, artists, financial big wigs and more, the book gives some great insights into the incidences and experiences that defined each of these achievers.

    Available in Paperback and Kindle Editions, this is a book that demonstrates the indomitable willpower of women with not one or two but 50 different stories.
  2. Unstoppable: 75 Stories of Trailblazing Indian Women

    This easy-to-read book includes bite-sized stories of extraordinary women and each story celebrates women empowerment in contemporary India. From Saria Sharma Thakral to Rani Abbaka, Janaki Ammal, and many more, the book highlights the guts-to-glory journey of women who dared to shatter the glass ceiling in their respective professions. Unstoppable truly depicts the vision portrayed by these women and is now available in the Paperback version, delivered through Prime.
  3. Madame Curie: A Biography (The Da Capo Series in Science)

    Marie Curie, popularly known as Madame Curie was one of the few celebrated women scientists in an era where women were largely confined to the limits of the house and home. Her biography, written by her daughter, Eve Curie not only celebrates her professional achievements but also highlights the struggles she faced in the course of a brilliant scientific career that won her not one, but two Nobel Prizes, one in Physics and the other in Chemistry. A must-read for most of us who only know Madame Curie as a brilliant scientist who worked all her life with radium that ultimately led to her tragic death. This is the story behind the brilliant mind and an extraordinary woman.

    Available in Paperback editions.
  4. 31 Fantastic Adventures in Science: Women Scientists in India

    The book focuses on the lesser-known, contemporary female scientists who have been making big strides in the field of science in India in recent years. From astrophysicists to paleontologists, experimental physicists to biologists and researchers - these 31 trailblazers and their adventurous tales make for an inspiring read for girls and young women everywhere. The book gives some great insights on what drew these women to science, how they dealt with the pressures of their work, and what inspires them to push the boundaries of human knowledge further, day after day.
  5. Radical Spirits: India’s First Woman Doctor and Her Champions

    The 19th century was a backward time for women in India, with no schools for girls. Breaking barriers at that point, Anandi Joshi rose to become the first woman doctor from India who traveled all the way from Calcutta to New York. As women with medical conditions were not even treated by male doctors, Anandi took it upon herself to bring equality for women and pursued medical studies to make her dream come true.

    Read all about her victories and her motivators who stood beside her through her journey in this Paperback edition.

  6. Those Magnificent Women and Their Flying Machines: ISRO’s Mission to Mars

    ISRO’s extraordinary mission to Mars in 2013 was a roaring success, making India the first country to reach Mars in its very first attempt. This mission was spearheaded by a group of female scientists who worked relentlessly to help this dream become a reality. Read all about their struggles, their highs, lows, and the final lap to victory in what is now one of the most popular books on scientists in India. A magnificent account of the truly magnificent women scientists of contemporary India.

    Available in Kindle and paperback editions.

  7. Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkins: Patterns, Proteins, and Peace: A Life in Science

    More prominently known for her scientific strides in developing penicillin, vitamin B12, and even insulin, the story of Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkins revolves around the extremities of being a woman in the 20th century. She was a humanitarian who took up the duties of a wife, mother, and grandmother and was quite vocal in international peace movements and the revolutionization of science. This moving story of the only British woman to have won a Nobel Prize in the sciences is a must-read for every feminist, science-enthusiast, and young girls who hope to make a career in the sciences.
Have you dropped these books in your cart? Stock up on these extraordinary stories on female scientists, let their scientific intellect ignite your minds and their courage inspire the genius in you. Happy reading!
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