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How to make your business more profitable

Dr Anil Lamba, author of 'Romancing the Balance Sheet and Flirting with Stocks', talks about the importance of finance management and shares tips on how to make businesses profitable.

Why we need to have more conversations on depression

Dr Shelja Sen writes about the necessity of conversations around depression and the importance of crafting multiple stories.

Leadership lessons from the Ramayana

Spiritual lifestyle coach Shubha Vilas draws leadership lessons from the Ramayana and delves on how it is relevant for managers and business leaders of today.

Dr Ranjan Banerjee on his latest book on the changing face of careers

What accounts for such a prominent presence of the Indian professional in a global environment? Dr Ranjan Banerjee talks about this little-studied phenomenon and presents a singular, compelling argument.

'A writer’s competition is anything that takes away time of their readers'

As Prime Reading kicks off in India, best-selling author Amish Tripathi speaks about content consumption and creation, a writer’s biggest competition and lots more…

'Of course there was nervousness when I was about to write The Girl in Room 105'

Chetan Bhagat speaks about exploring a new genre for his latest book, a thriller, which is about obsessive love and finding purpose in life against the backdrop of contemporary India. This is the first title of the six-book global deal that Amazon Publishing announced with Chetan Bhagat in April this year.

I am delighted to launch my first collaboration with Amazon: Chetan Bhagat

Chetan Bhagat’s fans and avid readers now have a sneak peek in to his upcoming novel, announced via a slick promotional video.
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