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'Writing a good romantic story is a great challenge'

Author Anand Neelakantan tells us about the journey that led to his latest book...

I am a heretic because I love Amazon: Jeffrey Archer

Listen to the best selling author speak about his love for India, his admiration for R K Narayan and why he thinks he can never write about India...

'Getting better needs a deliberate strategy'

In a Q&A, author Chandramouli Venkatesan, speaks about "getting better" the main theme of his latest book

What did I learn from Sita and Radha?

The complex social, political and religious attitudes of ‘modern’ India cannot be deciphered without an understanding of our myths and their impact on the collective faith of our people. Read on to know more...

The right thing to write

The right thing to write is nothing but an intersection between what the readers are willing to read and what the author is capable of creating. Author Anurag Anand tells us more

'Internet fasting' among top 6 tips that Rujuta recommends for parents

While it’s no child’s play to raise a kid, it need not be as complicated as we make it out be either. Here are a few DIY tips that every parent can follow for kids across all age groups:

Best Indian reads of 2018

The editors of and present a selection of some of the best Indian fiction, non-fiction, children’s and YA reads of 2018…

Heartfulness and the art of meditation

Spiritual leader Daaji elaborates upon the benefits of the 'Heartfulness' way of meditation.

How to make your business more profitable

Dr Anil Lamba, author of 'Romancing the Balance Sheet and Flirting with Stocks', talks about the importance of finance management and shares tips on how to make businesses profitable.

Why we need to have more conversations on depression

Dr Shelja Sen writes about the necessity of conversations around depression and the importance of crafting multiple stories.
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