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7 years and it's still Day 1!

As turns 7 in India, its journey has been marked by many memorable moments - big and small. As we turn a year older and grow bigger, we ask Amazonians to tell us how they strive to keep alive the Day 1 culture. Read on...

Amazon launches seller registrations and account management services in Hindi

This will help millions of Indian MSMEs to overcome language barriers to embrace the ecommerce opportunity. The Hindi language seller experience is available on Seller Central and the seller mobile app

Amazon India launches special fund to help SMB partners in logistics impacted due to lockdown

The Fund will benefit close to 40,000 staff of Delivery Service Partners and Transportation Partners associated with Amazon, and provide financial aid for the month of April 2020.

Amazon Pay launches Amazon Pay Later

Amazon will offer an instant credit line to customers to purchase essentials, electronics, fashion, groceries and pay their monthly utility bills

2019 Letter to Shareholders

To our shareowners: One thing we’ve learned from the COVID-19 crisis is how important Amazon has become to our customers. We want you to know we take this responsibility seriously, and we’re proud of the work our teams are doing to help customers through this difficult time.

Amazon extends Amazon Relief Fund to delivery partners in India

The fund can be utilized by qualifying individuals who have been quarantined or diagnosed with COVID-19

Let’s raise 100 crores to fight COVID-19

Donate to the PM Cares fund or our partner NGOs. Let’s join together to support India in these times of need...

5 things you must know about your Amazon order during the lockdown

While you stay at home and stay safe, here are 5 important things you must know about your Amazon order..

These frontline heroes of Amazon India urge you to stay home and stay safe

As our services resume amidst lockdown, our delivery heroes are happy to serve you

Price gouging has no place in our stores

How Amazon India is working to help protect customers, help ensure fair pricing, and combat those seeking to profit off the COVID-19 crisis.
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