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Alexa makes learning fun for kids studying in this village primary school in Kasargod

A teacher's initiative of using Alexa in his classroom, has started showing positive results in this primary school in Cheriyakkara

Speak English confidently - Macmillan Education India launches Altura English on Amazon Alexa

Altura Alexa skill uses story-telling format and interactive quizzes to engage learners of all age groups did we live without her!

Alexa changed the technology evolution altogether. It breathed life to humanize the inanimate technology and devices. So as Alexa turns three in India, here’s a sneak peek into what makes Alexa-powered devices so special and an integral part of our lives today.

Friend, companion, trusted guide, stand up comedian – Alexa is all this and more, say our customers

In just three years of its availability in India, Alexa has helped people from different walks of life – providing support, entertainment, information, companionship, and more...

Customers in India say “I love you” to Alexa 19,000 times a day

From asking for their favourite music, to controlling their smart homes, customers in India have made Alexa an integral part of their lives all while having fun.

Customers in India used voice like never before; interactions with Alexa increased 67% in 2020

On the 3rd year anniversary, Amazon will make Alexa affordable, more accessible for customers looking to welcome the voice service in their homes. Starting 12 midnight on February 15, for 24 hours sellers on will have blockbuster offers on best-selling Echo Devices, attractive smart home bundles and more.

Here is what India watched on Fire TV in 2020

Find out more about how India consumed entertainment on Fire TV devices in 2020.

Now, automakers in APAC and India can build their own intelligent assistants with the Alexa Custom Assistant

This is an industry-first capability of simultaneous multi-assistant cooperation, i.e. two assistants (Alexa, and the branded assistant) can co-exist and work together to fulfill the customer's request.
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