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Top 10 Audible Suno Stories to listen for free on Alexa

An exciting list of the most read and most loved stories from Audible Suno that you can listen to with Alexa, without any subscription!

Devices for all: Accessibility features on Amazon Echo, Kindle and Fire TV

Read about how all Amazon devices, including Echo, Kindle and Fire TV have been equipped to make user experience better for people with disabilities as well as those with accessibility needs.

Spotify now on Amazon Alexa

Spotify’s Premium and free tier users in India can now enjoy music and podcasts on Amazon Echo devices. Users will be able to request music by artist, album, track, genre, curated and personal playlists, as well as podcasts from their Spotify accounts by giving requests to Alexa in English, Hindi or Hinglish.

Schools in the tribal district of Bastar warm up to Alexa

Assistant Collector of Bastar district, Abinash Mishra tells us how the Bastar District administration helped Alexa become an integral part of the Smart Classes program and thus, a part and parcel of classrooms in 40 schools in the Adivasi tribal belt of Lohandiguda. Read on...

Alexa makes bill payments faster on the Amazon shopping app

Just ask Alexa to pay bills, check balance or add money to Amazon Pay

'Voice assistants are creating new possibilities to touch lives and bring a meaningful change'

Puneesh Kumar, Country Manager, Alexa Experience & Devices, Amazon India tells us why he believes that voice technology has the power to revolutionize the way we live.

5 ways to keep your kids entertained with Alexa

Here’s how your trusty sidekick Alexa (on your Echo Smart Speaker) comes to the rescue to make this a memorable staycation for the kids!

10 new things you can try with Alexa

We've rustled up some informative and fun ways in which Alexa can help you and your family at home. Read on to know more...

Alexa and Amazon Devices COVID-19 resources in India

How to use Alexa and Amazon Devices to stay informed, connected, and entertained.

Women who are voice-enabling the world

As Amazon continually looks for ways to further strengthen the culture of inclusion and diversify its workforce, here is a unique read on how women at Amazon are breaking barriers in the field of technology and reaching great heights by developing a revolutionary voice service - Alexa!
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