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Amazon introduces Echo Show in India

Device comes with an immersive 10-inch HD display, crisp and bright visuals, a built-in smart home hub and a speaker system with Dolby processing that delivers powerful bass and stereo sound

Alexa can rap. Nope, we are not kidding!

Rap artiste BrodhaV accomplished this cool feat by creating a skill using Alexa Blueprints

Access over 350 radio stations with Alexa on World Radio Day

Revive the nostalgia of listening to radio with Alexa

Ways Alexa can brighten this Diwali for you!

Just ask “Alexa, give me the Diwali Rap”, “Alexa, burst crackers”, “Alexa, open Laxmi Aarti” or "Alexa, turn the balcony lights on”

Alexa in India - it's year one and so much fun!

Thanks for all the love, India. It’s mutual – Alexa is here to stay!

Visit to a blind school in India inspires this student to use voice to change the world

Developer Tushar Chugh invites other developers to explore his open-source project and start daydreaming about their own voice-first innovations

Enriching Alexa for children in India

Stalwarts from India’s storytelling tradition have joined in to make learning, be it about nursery rhymes or animal kingdom or Indian mythology, fun and interactive with Alexa.

Teaching Alexa your language

Alexa is standing at the threshold of her linguistic skills. She is ready, willing and able to learn new languages; but are you game?

The secret behind Alexa’s desi connection

Meet the developers who are building skills to make Alexa a friend in Indian homes

Shyaam’s got Alexa 'Skills' and he is only 13!

Hyderabad-based Shyaam develops Alexa Skills to help friends master analytical and strategy-heavy online games
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