5 key moments at the Amazon India Tech Conference

Directors and leaders from across the globe attended the 2 day event at AITC Chennai.
on 17 November 2019
The in-depth learning session including strategies and insights on innovations, interactive workshops, fireside chat, panel discussion, tech talks, technical deep-dives and more. While the key take-away were about innovation and technology, here are some interesting moments that you wouldn’t want to miss knowing about.
  1. Fireside chat of 'Thalaiva' Dave Limp with Deepti Verma

    Yes, that’s right! SVP Devices and services Dave Limp was referred to as ‘Thalaiva’ of AITC by Director ICC Regional HR Deepti Verma during the fireside chat session. Speaking about Amazon as a company and its growth until date, Dave was quick to mention “We have built a culture of builders”. He added that, “We need to stay closer to our customers and we need to build mechanisms to stay so close to them that we can hear what the customer has to say”. And the powerful statement by the Thalaiva had the audience applauding loud and clear!
  2. 2. Lightning Talks

    An interesting format of presentation, wherein each talk is no more than 5 minutes long and with precisely 20 slides, each slide is shown for 15 seconds only and then automatically advanced. There were 5 technical presentations that covered topics such as fast delivery, technological innovation in customer satisfaction and more. This was a unique and one of its kind session.
  3. Speed mentoring session

    Any question for the leaders at Amazon were directly answered by the leaders themselves, be it VP, Directors, Senior PE! This speed mentoring session allowed the audience to interact with different leaders, working in different domains, at various job roles and levels who on any other day might not be easily accessible due to time, location or other constraints. The audience asked question related to career growth, technical queries and such like.
  4. 4. Walk-in kiosk

    Ever walked in to a tech conference which hosted poster presentations and device experience for every walk-in audience? At the AITC there were booths with latest technical devices including Alexa enabled soft toys and other virtual reality and tech driven projects that offered real-time experience to every walk-in member.
  5. 5. High-energy dance session with Afro Drum Cycle

    Now this was some interactive fun and dance session by the Afro Drum Cycle group from Gana, Africa. Over and above learning a few steps that are in tune with drumming, we also learnt that DJEMBE means a drum and if someone is singing to you saying ‘ Bajo Bajo’ your immediate response should be ‘baaaaaajo’ at a much slower and elongated tone!
The venue was a visual treat for Amazonians, who post the event walked towards the setting sun and soaked in the day’s information with purpose.
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