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Top 10 Audible Suno Stories to listen for free on Alexa

An exciting list of the most read and most loved stories from Audible Suno that you can listen to with Alexa, without any subscription!
on 06 July 2020
In one of the latest additions to Alexa’s gamut of offerings, you can now access hundreds of hours of Audible Suno audio entertainment completely free, with no sharing of payment details, advertisements, or sign-ups, on your Amazon Echo smart speaker or any other Alexa-enabled device!

Ask for a story by opening the Audible Suno library with… “Alexa, open Audible Suno,” “Alexa, Audible Suno shuru karo”…and then choose from Audible Originals and other popular titles in Hindi and English.

From inspiring epics to a wide array of fictional adventures, find out what’s trending on Audible Suno, across categories:
  1. Kaali Awaazein

    Starring legend Amitabh Bachchan, this psychological thriller series is inspired by ghost stories, supernatural sightings, and strange phenomena from India’s most haunted places. Experience immersive 3-D sound with every episode.

    Alexa, Audible Suno shuro karo aur Kaali Awaazein sunao
  2. Thriller Factory

    Anurag Kashyap’s homage to Hindi mystery novels, this series has it all – mystery, murder, and the iconic voices of Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Tabu.

    Alexa, ask Audible Suno to play Thriller Factory
  3. Bhoot Kaal

    Playing on the ‘fear of the unknown’, this 30-episode chilling series based on supernatural phenomena is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

    Alexa, Audible Suno shuro karo aur Bhoot Kaal sunao
  4. Chhupe Saaye

    A special train disappears in broad daylight, a musician thinks he is possessed, in the Sunderban forests, agonizing cries are heard from just beneath the surface…Get frightened and fascinated with these 35 spooky stories!

    Alexa, ask Audible Suno to play Chhupe Saaye
  5. Permanent Roommates: He Said, She Said

    Explore the beautiful yet unpredictable phase of Mikesh and Tanya living together for the first time in this audio adaptation of the much loved TVF (The Viral Fever) web series

    Alexa, Audible Suno shuro karo aur Permanent Roommates sunao
  6. Piya Milan Chawk

    Celebrate the many shades of love and longing with this Hindi romance series created by renowned author and lyricist Divya Prakash Dubey. Let the simplicity and innocence of these stories remind you of your own.

    Alexa, ask Audible Suno to play Piya Milan Chawk
  7. Mine and Yours

    From a chance encounter, to a first kiss, to a whirlwind trip around the world, discover the many secrets Mine and Yours keep from each other and the listener, in this romantic drama about hidden desires in a relationship.

    Alexa, ask Audible Suno to play Mine and Yours
  8. Suno Mahabharat

    Comprehend the ancient Indian epic in these 20-minute episodes spanning just six hours. Written and narrated by mythology expert, Devdutt Pattanaik, explore intricate sub-stories and even find out what happened to the Pandavas and Kouravas after the Mahabharata ended.

    Alexa, play Mahabharata
  9. Chanakya Neeti

    Delve into the teachings of economics, governance and ethics in ancient India, written by the pioneer of Indian political science – Chanakya.

    Alexa, Audible Suno shuro karo aur Chanakya Neeti sunao
  10. Yoddha

    Celebrating the bravery of the Indian Forces, this series chronicles their fierce sense of duty against impossible odds and reveals their personal sacrifices and inspirational courage.

    Alexa, ask Audible Suno to play Yoddha
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