Behind the scenes of Breathe: Into The Shadows

The show may have tense and chilling moments, but it was all warmth and camaraderie behind the scenes. Check out these pics to gauge the mood...
on 07 August 2020

"It has been an extremely rewarding and fruitful experience, working with all these exceptional talents with amazing body of work. Right from Maddy Sir to AB sir to Nithya to Saiyami and to Amit. First and foremost they are all artists and once they are convinced with the story and your vision, then they become your collaborators in creating what you have envisioned." This is what director of Breathe: Into The Shadows, Mayank Sharma said when asked how it was to direct big stars. Well, and the pics below are witness to this!

Breathe Into the Shadows

THE WINNING TRIO: Sharing a light moment with his actors is Mayank Sharma (extreme right)
Breathe Into the Shadows

PHONE CHECK: The shooting chaos around Abhishek Bachchan doesn't seem to affect him as he calmly checks his phone.
Breathe Into the Shadows

DIRECTOR'S CALL: Mayank Sharma and Abhishek discussing a shot.
Breathe Into the Shadows

CURIOUS CREW: What's the message Amit, everyone seems to be asking!
Breathe Into the Shadows

WICKED WINTERS: According the director, Delhi's winters were the perfect backdrop for the tense tale.
Breathe Into the Shadows

BREATHE EASY: Amit Sadh and Mayank chilling out after a hectic shoot.
Breathe Into the Shadows

COFFEE CONVERSATIONS: Director Mayank Sharma and Saiyami Kher discussing a scene over a coffee break
Breathe Into the Shadows

KACHCHI DHOOP: The sun shines bright at an outdoor shot
Breathe Into the Shadows

'COURTING' SMILES: The smiles before the court room drama begins
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