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A list of 7 types of dad seen in various television series of Amazon Prime. Watch them with your dad to make this Father’s Day in India really special.
on 15 June 2018 (Updated: June 15, 2020)
Fathers are often the underrated superheroes in all our lives. Quite often, they end up not getting due credit for their contribution to the family. They may not show their love and affection as openly as moms do, but without a doubt, they are the glue holding our families together.

Time and again, exemplary fathers have been portrayed in popular movies and web series. We can relate to some of them, and see a shade of these reel dads in our real dad. Here are the 5 different types of dad seen on popular television series:

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    The ideal dad that everyone loves to have
    Prime Dads Prime Video
    THIS IS US -- Season: 2 -- Pictured: (l-r) Milo Ventimiglia as Jack, Mandy Moore as Rebecca, Mackenzie Hancsicsak as Kate, Parker Bates as Kevin, Lonnie Chavis as Randall -- (Photo by: Maarten de Boer/NBC)
    Photo by NBC/Maarten de Boer/NBC
    No list of dads can be complete without a mention of the famous Jack Pearson from the series ‘This is us.’ Even while dealing with a painful past, he didn’t let any of it come in the way of raising his children well. He went on to teach them life lessons that helped them to succeed in life. Moreover, he never showed any bias between his three kids, despite one of them being adopted. This is a series that can certainly help you to make this Father’s Day in India a memorable one for your dad.
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    The dad who plays mom and pop
    Prime Dads Prime Video
    Photo by Aaron Epstein
    The challenges of being a single dad can be staggering. A single dad has to play a double role –of both pop and mom. It’s not easy and he’s afraid he’ll do the wrong thing while making a life for himself and the kids. Laying down the law will be tough. Juggling home and career will be tough. He doesn’t have all the answers, like moms always seem to have. But we have dads who’ve made a go of it and done a simply awesome job of it. You may want to check Bosch who is a great example of a single dad. Or perhaps Castle, the sometimes-dad-sometimes-child who has sole custody of his daughter! You’ll love Madam Secretary’s husband Prof Henry McCord who is happy to be both mom and pop to the kids when his wife’s career demands most of her time.
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    The loving dad who will forgive and forget
    Prime Dads Prime Video
    Photo by Nick Briggs
    If you have not already watched Downton Abbey on Amazon Prime, it’s time to binge-watch it only for Robert Crawley. He is the wealthy landlord and the patriarch of the Crawley family who is trying hard to preserve his legacy for his three daughters. He genuinely loves his daughters and always wants the best for them, even though he always longed for a son. Even though he is an embodiment of the traditional values of the aristocracy, his love for his daughters overshadows these values. He forgives his offspring for going against his will many times. One such incident is when his daughter Sybil marries the family chauffeur whom he did not approve of.
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    The dad who teaches the hard lessons in life
    Young Sheldon with his dad
    Photo by Sonja Flemming/CBS
    In the popular series Young Sheldon, the impact of George on his son, Sheldon, is subtle. This is understandable as his son is the ‘genius’ child who has a gifted knowledge in science and doesn’t need any guidance from anyone. However, George, as a great father and football teacher, knows well that it is not ideal for a kid to be immersed in a single skill. He introduces Sheldon to football. Though Sheldon initially despises it, his knowledge of football turns out to be the only other thing he knew in his life apart from science.
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    The proud daddy of every little princess
    In Suits, the relationship between Robert Zane, the former name partner of Rand, Kaldor & Zane, and his daughter, Rachel Zane, is one that revolves around pride. Robert is a powerful attorney who wants his daughter to climb up the corporate ladder through his influence. In contrast, his daughter doesn’t even mention her father to her coworkers to evade his influence. . Despite disapproving her choice of spouse, Robert has always been proud of his daughter for paving her own path, both in life. This is another television series that you can start watching on this Father’s Day in India and enjoy it with your dad.
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    The practical dad who makes difficult choices
    Prime Dads Prime Video
    While moms are always known for their emotions, dads are known for their stoic nature. They often end up bottling up their feelings and do what is best for their family. One such dad is Harry Morgan, the deceased father of Dexter Morgan, who comes in a series of flashbacks in the popular crime series, Dexter.
    Henry was the first to recognize that his son was a sociopath. Instead of chastising him, he taught him to channelize his killer instincts towards criminals. Though a difficult decision, it was the practical thing to do to save his son as his urge for killing could only be controlled and not repressed.
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    The dad who teaches tough
    They are made of steel. Unbending, uncompromising, and manipulative, they are tough taskmasters. They create tough kids and help them to cope with life. Papa Pope in Scandal is one such dad. You might end up hating him or adoring him insanely. Also, the Regan dads in Blue Bloods features a few tough dads you would love to watch in action.

    Quite often, art mirrors life. Some of the shows featured on Amazon Prime are reflective of changing equations between parents and children. However, undoubtedly, the bond between a father and child is truly precious and must be celebrated. Today. And every day.

    Happy Father’s Day!
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