Flood relief works on the North East

Thank you for stepping in to help!

We asked for your help, you stepped up and how! Amazon is donating a collective amount of 53 lakhs for flood relief in the North East
on 26 July 2018
Last month, we started a Flood Relief Drive for victims in the North East, lakhs of whom have lost their homes to the catastrophic floods in the region.
Amazonians from across India selflessly contributed for the cause. Here are the highlights of the drive:
  • 54 boxes, 450 families
    NE flood relief  NGOs helping the flood affected
    From the Donation Booth Drive we conducted at our offices in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai and at our Fulfilment Centers, a total of 54 boxes of relief materials were collected, which will help more than 450 distraught families. This was done with the aid of Goonj and Habitat for Humanity.
  • Rupees 53 lakhs
    Oxfam Goon help in flood relief by giving away necessary items to the affected
    Amazon Cares donated INR 50 lakhs towards flood relief. Additionally, from the 2-week monetary drive that was run on the Employee Volunteering Portal, nearly INR 3 lakhs were donated by Amazonians, which is helping flood affected families with the support of Oxfam India and Goonj.
  • 400 items donated
    NGOs help North East flood relief by handing over necessary items
    Amazon Cares set up a disaster relief campaign to allow customers donate products on wish lists. More than 400 items were donated the victims, with the help of NGOs Goonj, Oxfam India, World Vision Foundation and Habit for Humanity.
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