India Innovations

How AWS and its customers are helping India’s students and teachers learn and educate without disruption

As students and teachers are waking up to a new reality due to COVID-19, Impartus and CareerLauncher, and partners like Intel are using AWS, to quickly and securely enable remote learning solutions at scale, so students can continue their education anywhere, anytime.

Taking amazing reading experiences to every smartphone in India

An India-first initiative, the Kindle Lite app, is the lightest reading app for Android and is transforming how India reads. Read on to find out how this was conceptualised

Empowering sellers to go online, the Amazon way

India First: Innovations that were done with India in mind

Taking ecommerce to India's heartland with Project Udaan, now called Amazon Easy

A wide network of Amazon’s offline associates is making online shopping the new normal in small town India and beyond

Amazon’s Shutterbug crosses 50K subscribers

Gets the nod from expert photographers & amateurs alike within 3 days of launch

Bringing the photography community together with Shutterbug

From tutorials, social media contests to workshops with experts, Amazon India's Shutterbug programme is a destination for all that photography enthusiasts need
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