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Amazon WoW: Connecting women in technology

Amazon WoW is a networking platform for all women engineering students in India that connects them to Amazon leaders, student recruiters, and the broader Amazon community.

Learn Machine Learning from Amazon’s top scientists at ML Summer School

Amazon ML Summer School is designed to impart core Machine Learning (ML) skills to make students industry ready. This program is open to engineering students pursuing a Bachelor’s/Master’s/PhD degree across select 20 Indian tech campuses.

Amazon India is creating close to 50,000 seasonal opportunities across its fulfilment and delivery network

The associates will join other thousands of associates across Amazon India’s fulfilment and delivery network and assist them to pick, pack, ship and deliver customers’ orders placed for sellers more efficiently.

7 things you should know about Amazon's newest campus

This is Amazon’s first owned office building outside the US, and is the single largest building globally. Learn more...

Owned and loving it!

Spread over 9.5 acres and built to support more than 15,000 employees, the new campus reaffirms Amazon’s long-term commitment to India
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