Journey of a package

From when you place an order to when its delivered to your home, the journey of a package is pretty long. We simplify this for you in pictures.
on 10 October 2018
Journey of  a package1

THIS IS WHERE IT BEGINS: Welcome to one of our Fulfilment Centres - where the journey begins. Here is where seller inventory is stored and processed for customer orders every day.
Journey of  a package2

ENTER THE INVENTORY: Sellers bring in their inventory to the Fulfilment centres in different vehicles – from a motorbike to a little auto rickshaw to long 24 feet trailers! Whatever the means, it's got all the products your order and here is where it is brought.
Journey of  a package3

OFF LOADING BEGINS: Seller inventory is offloaded at the dock doors.
Journey of  a package4

3-STEP 'RECEIVE' PROCESS: Every product that arrives into the building is scanned, checked for quality and received at the Receive Station. This is when the product lights up on They then go through either of the 3 process – Receive, Cubiscan or else ready to be Stowed.
Journey of  a package5

WHAT IS CUBISCAN: Every new product that has never been stored in any of our FCs before must go through a Cubiscan process. Cubiscan is a unique feature that measures all dimensions and the weight of the product. This technology plays a role further down the journey of the package. So hold on.
Journey of  a package6

AISLES APLENTY: For the millions of products stored in each fulfilment centre we have hundreds of aisles across the buildings. With different kinds of shelving to store different types of products. Once the product is stored, they are now available on
Journey of  a package7

WHATS IN A BIN? With different kinds of shelving to store different types of products. Like these drawer bins for apparels..
Journey of  a package8

A LIBRARY LOOK ALIKE? Well you would be forgiven for mistaking it to be one! But these are shelves for storing the thousands of books.
Journey of  a package8

FOR A LONGER SHELF LIFE: Bigger shelves for storing larger items like microwaves, printers, ovens and even walkers for little kids.
Journey of  a package8

THE PIT STOP: These are pit areas used for storing products in large quantities
Journey of  a package9

RANDOM ORDER: This is a random stow where products are kept in no particular order.
Journey of  a package

FINDING THE PRODUCT WHEN IT'S ORDERED: When a customer buys a product on Amazon, a picker is assigned a pick task. His hand held scanner guides him to the location and helps him pick the right product from the right shelf. And he doesn’t forget to do a six sided check again.
Journey of  a package

PICK n PLACE: The picker places the products he has picked into a tote and places them on a conveyor nearby
Journey1 Amazon India

ON ITS WAY TO BEING PACKED: These long automated conveyors carry the totes through the building and deliver them to a Pack station
Photo By Pallon Daruwala
Journey of  a package

AUTOMATED SEGREGATION: The automated conveyors based on the barcode push the totes into different pack stations – depending on whether they are single or multi orders
Journey1a Amazon India

SIMPLIFYING CUSTOMER ORDERS: Customers orders with multiple items in them first get consolidated into a single order, so we can pack them in just one box for delivery
Photo By Pallon Daruwala
Journey of  a package

'BOX'ING TIME: The pack stations are loaded with different box sizes, so we can get the closest match for an item being packaged
Journey of  a package

WHEN CUBISCAN MEMORY HELPS: When the packer scans the product, it prompts which of the packaging is to be used. Remember the Cubiscan process that gathers the volumetric details of every item!
Journey of  a package

A DIFFERENT KIND OF 'SLAM' BOOK: And now another scan at the SLAM station generates the name and address label of the customer. And confirms that the right package is being sent to the right customer. Remember the Cubiscan process again! If there is a weight mismatch, the package is kicked out of the process.
Journey of  a package

THE PACKAGE INCHING ITS WAY TO YOUR HOME: The packages now travel down the large conveyors to the Sorting area
Journey of  a package

3-WAY SEGREGATION: Now, the packages are segregated by customer promise, destination and mode of transport.
Journey of  a package

OUTWARD BOUND: The sorted packages are loaded into trucks waiting at the Outbound dock door that further go to airports or delivery stations
Journey of  a package

WELCOME TO THE SORT CENTRE: Packages now arrive at a Sort centre
Journey of  a package

THE JOURNEY CONTINUES: Packages are loaded back into conveyors.
Journey of  a package

PINCODES & THE CITY: These are then sorted by final destination city or pin code so they can be sent to the relevant delivery station
Journey of  a package

ALL SET TO DELIVER: Delivery associates at the Delivery Station further segregate these packages by pin codes in the city.
Journey of  a package

HOMEWARD BOUND: Packages are now picked up by Delivery Associate and delivered to the customer.
Journey of  a package

ALL SET TO DELIVER PACKAGES: Packages are now loaded into bags and the delivery associates are off to make their customer deliveries
Journey of  a package

YOUR ORDER IN YOUR HANDS: And this is how we deliver smiles!
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