Dear Customer,

I request you from the bottom of my heart not to leave your homes, but to stay safe during this lockdown period. It is really a dangerous situation out there these days. We are continuously trying to fight back the coronavirus and we need your help to win this fight.

I will bring the essential services you need. So don’t leave your home, but take care of your family and follow the social distancing rules. You can easily help us fight this pandemic by staying safe...

So goes a moving letter penned to his customers by Nagesh Suresh Patil, an Amazon delivery associate from Kolhapur, Maharashtra. And this is just one of the hundreds of letters that our teams at various fulfilment centers (FCs) are sharing. And yes, it all began with a customer!

When we had customers thanking us for making essential deliveries, we shared these messages with our DAs, and they responded in a way that was not just overwhelming but also humbling.

‘Happy to serve my country’

Delivery associates from across the country echo Nagesh’s heartfelt sentiments. “We continue to serve our customers during this pandemic. I feel a tremendous sense of satisfaction when I think about my job, because even in these trying times I can help customers with their essential needs,” says Pradeep Mahto, an Amazon Associate from Ludhiana, Punjab, in another heart-warming letter.

Writes Shiba John, from one of Amazon’s FCs in Delhi, “Even though we are not serving in the military or medical frontline, I too am serving my country by doing my work with care. I never thought that I’d get such a chance.” Her thoughts are mirrored by S. Vinod Kumar, a delivery associate from Chennai who writes, “Let me thank you dear customer, for giving me this opportunity to serve you like the armed forces.” B Manoj Kumar, an Amazon delivery associate from Bangalore, wants to tell his customers that, “We at Amazon will always be there to serve our customers.”

Staying healthy in a crisis

“Real heroes are those who help others in a crisis. While all our customers stay at home under the lockdown, I continue to serve them. It is the satisfaction of knowing that I was able to help,” writes S. Karthik from the Amazon FC at Salem. “I also feel 100 percent safe thanks to high quality face masks, hand gloves and hand sanitizers, which assure the health and safety of me and my colleagues,” he adds.

Support from loved ones

Amazon’s safety precautions, protective equipment and social distancing norms at the workplace make all delivery and FC associates feel safe at work and yes at home too as their clean work environment assures their families and friends. “Our family boosts us with the moral and mental strength we need to go out there every day to deliver essential commodities at the doorstep of our customers,” says Mahto’s letter.

We, too, are thankful to our frontline heroes, who’ve been battling this raging pandemic and nationwide lockdown every single day. In these deeply challenging times, they continue to deliver happiness to our customers, despite the dangers to their own persons.

While these letters have become a great way to start our day at work, by sharing them with all of you we’re taking this opportunity to salute our frontline warriors in this global war against COVID-19.

Letters of pride photo gallery

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