'We are fully geared up for delivering a safe and successful Prime Day for our customers'

As India is gearing up for Prime Day this year, Prakash Kumar Dutta, Director, IN Fulfilment Centre & Supply Chain Operations, Amazon India speaks about the various measures that have been taken to deliver a safe Prime Day...

Amazon India announces 10 new Fulfilment Centres; continues to invest in the country

Expands its operational network to more than 60 fulfilment centres across 15 States Increases storage capacity by 20% to a total of more than 32 million cubic feet

Amazon India expands Packaging-Free Shipping to more than 100 cities

With this initiative more than 40% customer orders from the Amazon Fulfilment network are now shipped without secondary packaging

Close to 100 changes made in our Operations to ensure safety of associates and safe deliveries for customers

Following guidance from World Health Organization (WHO) and local authorities, Amazon India has adjusted its practices within all its operations sites through new formats of communications, process changes, new training methods and several policy changes.

Amazon India provides special Delivery Services in containment zones in Mumbai in collaboration with BMC

After the successful pilot with BMC, Amazon India has scaled the initiative to help residents in many containment zones get access to essentials delivered by Amazon during the COVID-19 pandemic

Undefeated, relentless & on the go, meet our Amazon heroes!

Meet the heroes of Amazon who are displaying unparalleled character and strength in going above and beyond to do their service, beyond their defined roles, to provide customers with their much needed essentials during the pandemic called COVID -19.

Letters from our frontline heroes

When our customers write to us, we listen. And so do our associates. Here’s how the associates from across the Amazon fulfillment network responded to all the love received from our customers—by expressing their heart-felt thoughts in writing, in the times of social distancing.

An inside look at our fulfillment centres during COVID-19

From distributing personal protective gear, such as masks, to implementing temperature checks across our operations in India, here’s a photo story highlighting some of the steps we are taking to keep our employees, associates and delivery partners safe and healthy.

Amazon Flex: Powering young India’s ambitions

The story of how 19-year-old Anand fuelled his dreams

'10,000 Electric Vehicles in our delivery fleet by 2025'

Amazon India has piloted electric vehicles in several cities across India in 2019; and is now expanding this initiative across the country
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