Solar panels
There are 1848 solar cells installed at the roof top of one of our fulfillment centres in Delhi. Each cell can generate around 320 watts of electrical energy.

7 facts about our sustainability initiatives at Amazon India's operation sites

As we work towards reducing the carbon footprint and work towards clean energy, here are some quick facts on what we have achieved thus far
on 05 June 2018
  • 2 Fulfillment centres
    FC in Amazon solar power
    Currently, 2 Fulfillment centers in India are powered with Solar energy
  • 1600 kW Energy
    Solar panels
    This is the amount of amount of energy generated by Solar panels installed in our Hyderabad, and Delhi FCs
  • 1 Million Square Feet
    This is the area covered by the solar panels installed on rooftops of Amazon Ops buildings
  • 7 more sites, 8000kW energy
    7 more Amazon Operation sites in India to get large-scale solar energy systems on rooftops in 2018 which will generate 8000kW total solar energy
  • 10,000 Saplings
    Sapling FC
    In the month of June alone, 10,000 saplings will be planted in and around our FCs
  • 18 schools, 1 planetarium
    School solar panel
    Amazon Cares has helped install solar energy systems in 18 government schools and one mini planetarium
  • 3 Community Centres
    Solar panel at Community centre
    Our community and resource centres in Haryana are powered with solar energy systems
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