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How Amazon India is ramping up its operations network this festive season

With a significant augmentation in its delivery network ahead of the much-awaited festive season, Amazon India has ramped up its delivery infrastructure, and added tens of thousands of delivery partners to the network to serve the rising customer demand for the festive season. A round up below:
on 30 September 2020
  1. Amazon Sort Centre network now at 2.2 million sq ft, across 19 states

    Ahead of festive season, Amazon India launches 5 new Sort Centres and expands 8 existing ones across India. Here's a lowdown on what Sort Centres are and why this expansion means a lot for festive preparedness...
  2. Amazon India announces third Fulfilment Centre in Gujarat; over 80K sellers to benefit

    Gujarat CM Vijay Rupani says the latest Fulfilment Centre will support growth and generate new employment for youth.
  3. Amazon launches its first Fulfilment Centre in Bihar; FC to have 1 lakh cubic feet of storage space

    With more than a lakh cubic feet of storage space, the new fulfilment center will be located in Patna and help better serve customers within the region and neighboring states.
  4. Amazon launches first all-women delivery station in Gujarat

    This is Amazon India’s second all-women delivery station in India; after Chennai
  5. Thousands of job opportunities as Amazon opens 2 new Fulfilment Centres in Telangana

    Ahead of the festive season, Amazon India expands its fulfilment network in Telangana with 2 new Fulfilment Centres and the expansion of one existing Sort Centre in Hyderabad.
  6. Amazon India scales delivery network ahead of the festive season

    Close to 200 delivery stations added, including those operated by Delivery Service Partners across the country to further its direct reach, including in many remote northeastern towns such as Champhai, Kolasib, Lumding and Mokokchung.
  7. Amazon strengthens its fulfilment network in TN; launches a new specialized Fulfilment Centre

    Total storage capacity of close to 3 Million cubic feet in Tamil Nadu will now support more than 43000 sellers in the State
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