Fulfilment Centres: Encouraging the Amazon culture

An inside look at how Amazon keeps its fulfilment centers lively, entertaining & inspiring for employees and visitors.
on 10 January 2019

Amazon has fulfilment, delivery and sortation centers in various cities of India. These highly efficient centers, with state-of-the-art infrastructure, also have interesting walls that tell anecdotes about Amazon and its leadership principles as well as entertain with some lively graphical representations of local culture. Check out this gallery of Bangalore and Delhi centres for more.

Branding at  FC sites

The reception area at the Bangalore fulfilment centre has some larger than life banners illustrating delivery anecdotes, transformation stories of vendors, hired hearing and speech impaired associates, stories on remote deliveries and the sustainability initiatives like the solar roof top panel.
Branding at  FC sites

The Dussehra procession and Yakshagana performance against the background of the Mysore Palace greets people at the Bangalore delivery station.
Branding at  FC sites

A painting of the Rashtrapathi Bhavan with Bhangra dancers welcomes employees at the Delhi fulfilment center.
Branding at  FC sites

This smile zone is a great photo op and encourages employees to take a break and take a selfie.
Branding at  FC sites

Amazon has learning academies at its fulfilment centers. These vast walls encourage employees to learn & be curious.
Branding at  FC sites

This wall celebrates the opportunities that Amazon provides like education for children, empowering women, skill development etc.
Branding at  FC sites

Encouraging employees to share their feedback and telling them the many ways they can do this, these lively Bangalore cafeteria walls also insist on the highest standards, a Leadership Principle.
Branding at  FC sites

Pioneer stories of how local communities have been mobilized and equal opportunities have been given to women inspire employees to work towards transforming more lives at this Delhi Centre.
FC leaders Amazon India

Everyone at Amazon is a leader and at our Delivery Station this is reinforced on one of the walls of our training rooms.
Branding at  FC sites

It's been an eventful journey for Amazon in India. This wall captures that story and more
Branding at  FC sites

A workplace that takes growth of every aspect of the employee into account - that's what this wall says
Branding at  FC sites

It is always Day 1 at Amazon. These walls encourage Amazonians to innovate and make history every day.
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