Amazon’s most extreme delivery

In “the land of high passes,” the challenges are as vast as the landscape.

Gorgeous and grueling

(Extremely) behind the scenes with Amazon Stories in Leh, India.

Get the party started with Amazon Radio

24-hour fresh and lively infotainment channel tailored for associates around the country

I Have Space: Discover an extra source of income with zero investments

Amazon’s ‘I Have Space’ (IHS) programme handles a significant chunk of its logistics solutions in India’s small towns as well as metro cities. It is instrumental in fulfilling customer promises as well as in transforming lives across the country.

7 facts about our sustainability initiatives at Amazon India's operation sites

As we work towards reducing the carbon footprint and work towards clean energy, here are some quick facts on what we have achieved thus far

Our clean energy initiative in India, one rooftop solar panel at a time

Sealing our commitment to the environment with a comprehensive solar initiative across the country that aims to reduce CO2 emission by around 9000 tons

Turning a tier IV town to the ‘Island of Opportunity’

How Rupak Chandan ushered the concepts of choice and access into Majuli Island

I Have Space - store owners recount their success stories

How our delivery partnership with small store owners benefit us with last-mile connectivity, while our partners discover an extra source of income with zero investments
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