A zero investment program that changed the life of this father

A father recounts how this unique program helped his specially –abled son get the care he so needed

A store owner, an MBA pursuant, and a dependable brother who is delivering smiles

Here is a sneak-peek into the life of Amol Patil, a 27-year-old store owner, an MBA student, a family man and a fund provider for his brothers education! Wonder how he is able to play multiple constructive roles in life? Read on to know more about the interesting journey of his life.

When passion meets profession: A story behind Amazon Operations

Have you ever wondered about the invisible army that works behind the scenes, silently changing the way India shops? Thanks to our soldiers who work untiringly across Amazon Operations sites, your brand new packages are smoothly delivered at your doorstep.

Glamazon : It is all about love, authenticity and integrity in here

Amazons Glamazon firmly believes in what George Takei says - "We should indeed keep calm in the face of difference, and live our lives in a state of inclusion and wonder at the diversity of humanity."

Everything you need to know about Amazon India Operation’s sustainability efforts

Amazon India is doing all it takes to improve the health of planet earth by using a wide range of options that are sustainable and eco-conscious.

In conversation with Amazonians behind the scene

Have you ever wondered what happens after you buy any product on Amazon and how it reaches your doorstep on time, in pristine condition? The answer is our Fulfilment Centre (FCs) Ninjas.

How Amazon India Operations Last Mile is transforming lives

Transforming lives of thousands of delivery partners, Amazon India’s last mile operations has helped reach customers in 100% of India’s serviceable pin codes, along with creating hundreds of thousands of jobs in a variety of different ways.

Rising from the ashes of a flailing business, Sunil tells his story of grit and resilience

Sunil’s life and business had hit rock bottom in 2014. After a bad investment of a huge sum in a distribution business he saw a glimmer of hope when his friend told him about the Amazon Service Partner program.

Moving towards plastic free packaging

Amazon India unveils long term sustainable packaging initiatives; aims to eliminate single use plastic packaging by June 2020. Paper cushions to replace plastic dunnage in all Amazon India Fulfilment Centers by end of the year.

Bloggers day out at an Amazon Fulfillment Centre

Bloggers have fun 'unboxing' as they discover the #joyofmore
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