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9 key milestones that lit up the festive journey for sellers

Meeting targets, country-wide reach and amplified growth - thrilled sellers talk about all this and more!
on 17 October 2019
This year, as always, the Great Indian Festival witnessed brilliant traction from customers, intelligent listing of products from sellers and of course an unmatched vibe on an online platform. Here's what a few sellers of the many, have to say.
  1. Amplified growth

    We saw 7X spike during on-going sale with our top selling innovative camera lenses fulfilling dreams of hundreds of photographers and making professional photography affordable. We are overwhelmed with the love people share in terms of reviews and messages. We are not just selling products but a relation, a service which our customers trust. We strive to see them happy which eventually brings a smile on our faces.
    - Baljinder Brar & Akash Bansal from Skyvik
  2. Neck breaking sales

    Four years of hard work, strategic planning and guidance from the Amazon team made us build a business which we can talk about today …thanks to Amazon. From one piece a week sales we were now able to achieve sales of over 1800 units in a day for the first time in our endeavor with Amazon. Life changed for us and the way we think, plan and execute our business is totally professional now thanks to the Amazon training we receive whenever we need. From a team of two to a team of 30 in just a few years, we are now looking at expanding our team to 50 very shortly....what a journey and how fast!
    - Deepak Agrawal from Studio Shringaar
  3. Crossing milestones

    With the help of Amazon team we grew our sales by 4X during GIF and over 200% YoY. Amazon is a great platform for creating a Brand in a short span of time. Looking forward to achieving more milestones in coming years.
    - Jimit Mehta from Wayona
  4. Meeting targets

    A big thank you for showing love for a small brand like Higadget from Ahmedabad during the #AmazonGreatIndianFestival, your persistent devotion & support has helped us cross goals unimaginable in the Toys category. We have seen a growth of 8X since start of WAV1 and sold more than 2K units of Rock Crawlers/Cube which usually was our yearly target and it will surely going to help me to expand my reach beyond small city like Ahmedabad.
    - Ashfaque Gazi from HiGadget®
  5. Country-wide reach

    Sales multiplied 5X in first 36 hours with more than 75% of the orders shipped with a day from FBA to more than 700 cities.
    - Priyanshu Jain from Alan Jones Clothing
  6. Stellar sales volume

    It's been a wonderful experience for us during the Great Indian Festival as we have attained 2X increase in sale volumes. Thanks to the Amazon and its team for continuous support without which we haven’t have achieved this feat. Looking forward to close the Diwali sale on a stellar note
    - Suyash Saraf and Anish Saraf from Dot & Key
  7. Better business understanding

    The Great Indian Festival Sale 2019 on Amazon has truly been an example of how e-commerce firms should conduct the whole process of their deals & discounts. The marketing and knowledge dissemination of the sale was superb which has ensured its huge success. All e-commerce firms, small or big, will have a lot to learn from The Great Indian Festival Sale. Amazon's sale has understood the veins and the needs of Indian businesses really well in a short span of time. The Great Indian Festival Sale 2019 will remain a model to be replicated by existing and upcoming e-commerce firms in future. We have seen a growth of 3x in our sales.
    - Ronal Gao from Jettingbuying
  8. Upward sales graph

    This is the first time we’re participating in Amazon Great Indian sale 2019. Our experience is been phenomenal and we have registered a 5X sales volume in first wave of Diwali sales. A highest since we on-boarded as seller on Amazon India. This couldn’t been possible without the constant guidance by our account manager. We will continue to provide best services to our customers. Thanks to Amazon team for organising a successful sale event.
    - Rishi Gaurav Gupta from eDigitalStoreIndia
  9. Fast Visibility

    Within 24 hours, our sales spiked 9x times! We would like to extend sincere appreciation to Case & Covers Category Team for their true hard work, and active support. Their ability to multi-task and produce the highest level of quality results through seamless communication, and close coordination with us under pressure, and hectic operation rhythm of Diwali was instrumental to our success!
    - Yun Young from Spigen
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