In India, we are at the sweet spot where technology meets culture and tradition meets innovation. Some of our most outstanding seller success stories come from traditional artisans discovering new markets and gaining new customers on Amazon. Take the story of Orissa’s traditional Patta Chitra that went from relying entirely on local sales networks to finding patrons across the country or the artisans from UP who found new markets after Tied Ribbons took their art pan India. For Bangalore’s 40-year old Rajasthan Emporium, the generations old dream of finding a place for the state’s traditional crafts in every Indian home has finally come true. And then, there are the traditional weavers of heirloom Pochampally weave. What started as a slow and steady transformation to adopting technology for a self-sufficient sales network is today a full-fledged and completely revived cottage industry in Telangana. And that’s just some of the many ways in which Amazon and artisans together have revived the crafts of India.