Amazon Pay is creating history for sellers

How these women in Kolkata are helping sellers ride the digital wave

Read the interesting story on how these wonder women from Kolkata are riding on the digital wave to create a powerful impact for sellers through Amazon Pay
on 15 October 2019
When it comes to India, digital transformation is building a powerful edge. India began its phenomenal journey of transforming lives with technological disruption and the success of this journey can be measured by noticing its impact at the grass root level. Progressive regulatory policies have helped in the growth of a powerful ecosystem of non-banking companies thus allowing Indian digital payment transformation to become a global case study. As the country celebrates Digital India, Amazon Pay too has created an impact on this wave of digitization.

Meet the wonder women

Amazon Pay has been riding along the digital India path and is entering the smaller towns and villages of the country. With multiple sellers on board from across various parts of the country, Amazon India team is going seller to seller to help them ride the digital wave. One such phenomenal story is that of Amazon Pay team in Kolkata.

Launched on 11th July 2019, Amazon Pay created a robust opportunity for skilled aspirants. Women from different backgrounds joined forces for one mission: to assist small shops and traders, in and around Kolkata, join the digital revolution. This team of eight strong women is part of the sales department and are contributing significantly towards the digitising the seller community. They are one of the last teams of foot soldiers who are doing the rounds to help Amazon Pay expand its network. They are investing hours in visiting shops all over the city and helping them procure a QR code. They communicate with owners of small shops and educate them on the opportunity and benefits of using a digital payment portal.

Read more about these wonder women who are creating a powerful impact on sellers!
  1. Suparna Ghosh

    The Central Kolkata team is led by Suparna Ghosh Bhadra. Suparna is married and has a son, and she supports her family with her earnings.
  2. Indrani Gope

    Indrani Gope manages Central Kolkata location and is a fresher with her first job being Amazon.
  3. Baisakhi Das

    Baisakhi Das who has completed her higher education in 2010 is a fresher and manages Amazon Pay activity at Hooghly location.
  4. Shashi Singh

    Shashi Singh manages the Central Kolkata location.
  5. Saharia Sultana

    Saharia Sultana manages Garia Naktala and is also pursuing her further studies from an open university.
  6. Rekha Saha

    Rekha Saha manages Bally, Belur and Liluah and aspires to become a manager with Amazon.
  7. Sima Ghosh

    Sima Ghosh works out of Kalikapur and is the sole working member of the family. She enjoys reading books.
  8. Archana Patel

    Archana Patel is from Belur and is currently working for the Tollygunge/ Bashdroni location. Being the only earning member of the family, she meets sellers in her designated area and educates them about the advantages of QR code.

Work-life harmony with Amazon Pay

Most of these women have worked with other digital payment portals. Unlike their previous experiences, Amazon Pay doesn’t force them to work on Sundays or on holidays. The job features flexible work hours, which allows them to make time for themselves and their families. The role provides them with ownership to perform tasks and achieve deliverables on a day-to-day basis. Amazon Pay truly provides a sustainable working environment and has helped all these women strike a work-life balance.

The ease of transaction with Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay is a service that allows the user to use payment methods already associated with Amazon account, for goods, services, donations on third-party websites, in apps, and using Alexa. A smart and easy option for sellers to choose, Amazon sellers have joined the digital wave thanks to Amazon Pay. Amazon Pay also helps increase conversion and boost customer loyalty, as it offers a seamless and secure payment option during check out. What's more? Customers too are using Amazon Pay for faster transactions and check-outs, for refunds and it also extremely easy to track Amazon balance as well.
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