Jeff Wilke at Hyderabad's FC
Photo by JANEESH M / Amazon Imaging

When I think of India, I think of all the technology that's built out of here: Jeff Wilke

Whether it was interacting with kids at a Community centre or taking questions from employees at the All hands, or from those at AMAZEWIT (Amazon’s Women in technology conference), we capture some special moments of Jeff Wilke’s (CEO, Amazon, Consumer Worldwide) maiden visit to India
on 13 November 2017
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    On Tech and India:
    At the AMAZEWIT conference
    When I think of India, I think of all the technology that's built out of here. Whether it’s the Micron App, or the ML team that powers the Q&A section on Detail Pages or the team that’s working on Alexa’s skills India has a major role in Amazon’s business all over the world.
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    What are your impressions of the Community centres?
    Jeff Wilke at the Hyderabad Community centre
    Photo by JANEESH M/ Amazon Imaging
    This is really impressive – kids playing and learning, there’s a library, there’s vocational training – opportunities that builds skills leading to a job. This is the kind of impact that a company like Amazon can have all over the world.
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    On Fulfilment Centres
    Jeff Wilke at the Hyderabad FC
    Janeesh M/ Amazon Imaging
    Amazon's investment in technology and infrastructure has generated employment for thousands of local youth.
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    What do you think of the selfie culture?
    Jeff Wilke in India
    Jeff Wilke, CEO, Amazon, Consumer Worldwide and SVP International Consumer, Russel Grandinetti take a selfie at the Amazon India All Hands at Hyderabad
    Photo by Janeesh M/Amazon Imaging
    This is a beautiful audience and a beautiful audience deserves pictures to commemorate it. I have been surprised of how many selfies have been requested of me and those that I have participated in the last one week – probably more than my whole life. So clearly selfies are important.
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