Women's Day At Amazon India

Women empower Amazon

Be it the workplace, FC, delivery stations or our sellers - across the board we have witnessed how women have empowered Amazon. Truly, Each for Equal. Read on to know more...
on 06 March 2020
  1. How women from rural India are becoming entrepreneurs, with a little help from Saheli

    A social enterprise I Village in association with Amazon Saheli works on procuring orders that are crafted by women in villages and sold online
  2. Women of rural Maharashtra pave their own path to a brighter future

    From lost hopes to brighter future, these women from Maharashtra talk about how Amazon Cares has transformed their lives forever.
  3. Storming a male bastion

    An equal opportunity initiative launched in early 2016 helps to transform the lives of women in our community; creating unique employment opportunities for them and enabling them to become achievers in their own right.
  4. Bold, ambitious and breaking stereotypes

    At Amazon India, women are making successful inroads into the Operations domain and working with ease and confidence. We profile this changing landscape...
  5. How these women in Kolkata are helping sellers ride the digital wave

    Read the interesting story on how these wonder women from Kolkata are riding on the digital wave to create a powerful impact for sellers through Amazon Pay
  6. Women carve a niche in the biz world

    Amazon India salutes the country’s women entrepreneurs and acknowledges their skill and silent dedication in taking the nation forward.
  7. Women who are voice-enabling the world

    As Amazon continually looks for ways to further strengthen the culture of inclusion and diversify its workforce, here is a unique read on how women at Amazon are breaking barriers in the field of technology and reaching great heights by developing a revolutionary voice service - Alexa!
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