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I Have Space Program for last mile delivery

Festive ready and how! Brand heads tell us more...

As the Great Indian Festival is hours away from kick-off, we spoke to a few brand leaders and they tell us about their expectations, their association with Amazon India and more ...

Live Blog: The Great Indian Festival Unplugged

As we gear up for the Great Indian Festival, we will give you a sneak peek into all the action in our offices and Fulfillment Centers, keep you updated with top offers, share brand bytes and lots more. Stay tuned for live updates

Shop the living and dining room look!

The Living Room & Dining Room portrays a beautiful blend of traditional and contemporary art, to reflect the vibrant Indian culture. It has been styled with classic furniture and decor pieces with rich jute tones. The array of of Indian art from Tanjore paintings to brocade cushions to traditional showpieces in Brass and contemporary metal art add an Indian touch to the room, while the luxurious furniture adds a modern dimension.

Welcome to the Amazon Festive Home

Take a pictorial journey of the Amazon Festive Home, where every nook and corner of the home is designed by a product that is available on Amazon.in

Amazon India launches the Hindi shopping experience

In a major first step to break the language barrier for Indian customers, Amazon India announces the launch of amazon.in in Hindi

Breathing new life into traditional crafts of India

In India, we are at the sweet spot where technology meets culture and tradition meets innovation. Some of our most outstanding seller success stories come from traditional artisans discovering new markets and gaining new customers on Amazon. Take the story of Orissa’s traditional Patta Chitra that went from relying entirely on local sales networks to finding patrons across the country or the artisans from UP who found new markets after Tied Ribbons took their art pan India. For Bangalore’s 40-year old Rajasthan Emporium, the generations old dream of finding a place for the state’s traditional crafts in every Indian home has finally come true. And then, there are the traditional weavers of heirloom Pochampally weave. What started as a slow and steady transformation to adopting technology for a self-sufficient sales network is today a full-fledged and completely revived cottage industry in Telangana. And that’s just some of the many ways in which Amazon and artisans together have revived the crafts of India.

Going hyperlocal: Connecting tier 2 and beyond

Amazon strives to explore new talent and new opportunities beyond India’s tier 1 cities. These opportunities have connected sellers, fulfilment partners, as well as customers to all that was previously considered the privilege of the “big city folks”! No island is too remote for us, as Rupak Chandak proved when he, as our service partner introduced the convenience and choice of online shopping to the remote river island, Majuli. We even deliver to Ladakh and Andaman – no mean feats! With Project Udaan, a wide network of Amazon’s offline associates is bringing online shopping’s diversity of choice through the known and trusted neighbourhood stores.

Innovating for unique Indian needs

Whether it is through devices or unique offerings like CoD and Secure Delivery, Amazon is always innovating to fulfil the needs of Indian consumers. This is why we are so invested in collaborating with developers in India to make Alexa truly desi! Another India-first initiative, the Kindle Lite app, is the lightest reading app for Android and is transforming how India reads on devices. Amazon is also constantly innovating and bringing the traditional mom & pop stories and other small businesses into the online fold with programs like Chai Cart, Tatkal, Easy Ship, and more.

Working to uplift communities

Beyond business, Amazon is deeply involved in the wellbeing and upliftment of the communities it lives and works with. At Amazon Cares Community Centres, we provide tools and opportunities to empower women and make them self-reliant. With the Saheli intiative, we have been able to touch the lives of 80,000 women artisans across the length and breadth of the country. Our sustainability initiative in India is growing from strength to strength, from solar rooftops at our fulfilment centres to taking farmers and their produts from local haats to global marketplaces.

Bringing new Indian narratives to the forefront

Becoming a published author was not easy before Kindle created magic for aspiring Indian writers. Today, many Indian authors make their stories heard on Kindle. Boosting these numbers further is Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), that has made getting published a reality for many Indian writers. One of them is Sundari Venkatraman who - after waiting in the wings for 14 years - now has 19 books to her name! KDP also helped Sudha Nair and J Alchem become successful at self publishing. award-winning. Talk about recognizing and bringing to fore unheard Indian narratives! In 2016, Amazon Prime Video made its foray into India thus revolutionising entertainment for and by Indians — in ways that matter. Taking Indian narratives to the world and offering a humongous content library to Indian viewers is just one part of what Prime Video is doing in India. The other is engaging and promoting leading Indian entertainment talent and creators.
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