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Prime Reading to look forward to, this Prime Day

As Prime members enjoy unlimited reading from a rotating selection of best-selling eBooks, we speak to a few authors who have some exciting content to offer this Prime Day on August 6 and 7. Prime Reading is available to members on their Kindle E-readers and the free Kindle app and gives members access to high quality digital content, and enables authors to reach out to millions of readers
on 05 August 2020
  1. 'The digital medium allows writers to be a little more self indulgent'

    We sat down with Akshay Manwani ahead of Prime Day, where we were granted a glimpse into his upcoming story titled ‘More Than the Angry Young Man: The Films of Salim-Javed’
  2. Bachi Karkaria regales readers with a tale of two cities

    After serving as the editor of the largest selling English-language daily in India, prominent columnist and satirist Bachi Karkaria has an exciting, new launch for her readers this Prime Day.
  3. Cuisine, culture and the theatrics of dining out

    Wafting with aromas from Calcutta, author-filmmaker Ruchir Joshi’s next publication will take you down the lane with street food and Bong delicacies juxtaposed in a flavour-bursting piece.
  4. Preeti Shenoy on the mysterious ways in which love works

    Popular Indian writer Preeti Shenoy, credited with 12 best-selling novels, chats with us about love, isolation and everything between
  5. Author and environment activist Kiran Manral shares her fears on the climate crisis

    Award-winning writer and environment activist, Kiran Manral, joins us for an honest discussion on the terrifying climate crisis, the importance of reading and her upcoming projects.
  6. Leadership lessons from the brand coach

    Best-selling Author Ambi Parameswaran simplifies the concepts of branding and business in his latest essay "SPONGE – Leadership Lessons"
  7. International banker by profession and cricket fanatic by heart

    Anindya Dutta is an ideal example of a successful entrepreneur who has portrayed his years of craze and understanding of cricket through his impeccable writings.
  8. Discovering new meaning in old cinema with Nasreen Munni Kabir

    The brilliant Nasreen Munni Kabir navigates readers and cinema lovers through her passion for cinematic language.
  9. Author Amandeep Sandhu takes us on a journey through the fault lines

    A recent cat parent, book lover, author of two critically acclaimed novels, we talk with writer Amandeep Sandhu, on issues revolving around mental health in the current pandemic situation.
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