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Saluting the women at Amazon who challenge, champion and change!

On International Women’s Day 2021, which celebrates the theme of Choose to Challenge, Amazon India is presenting to you the stories of women employees who are making us proud.
on 08 March 2021
  1. The women behind Alexa’s success in India throw light on why inclusion makes better products

    The team behind the ubiquitous digital voice assistant, Alexa, speaks about having a seat at the table, why inclusion makes better products and mentoring future generations.
  2. This young woman with a post-polio syndrome is an award-winning employee at Amazon

    Ever since she was infected by Polio at the age of 5, Rekha Padwal has been confined to a wheelchair. But the incurable disease did not impact her spirit. As a Customer Service Associate at the Amazon Development Centre in Pune, this 32-year-old – who joined Amazon India just two years ago - won the ‘Customer Obsession’ Award (twice) in 2019 and the ‘Hi-Five’ Award in 2020; the latter for her outstanding performance while working from home during the lockdown.
  3. Meet Avanti and Savita, Amazon India’s Trailblazers

    Avanti restarted her career at 45 and Savita found purpose and a family after losing it all at the age of 15. In the first of a three-part series on this International Women’s Day, Amazon India celebrates the trailblazers in its operations network.
  4. Uses a wheelchair and marching ahead: Keerthika is the inspiration you need on this Women’s Day

    When Coimbatore-based Keerthika Jayachandran was looking for a job as a fresh B.Com graduate, she had a hard time finding a right fit. Firstly, she was not confident about her communication skills; secondly, she needed her workplace to have the facilities needed for her wheelchair – something which is missing in most organisations. But lady luck brought her to Amazon India, in 2017. Today, three years after she joined Amazon as a customer service associate , Keerthika's (24) commitment to her job has only become stronger.
  5. March like a girl: 10 Amazon Prime Video sheroes we love

    Celebrating the power of womanhood with 10 of our most powerful characters from inspirational women’s movies and shows that you can stream right now on Amazon Prime Video.
  6. The 'mother' of all success stories: Wingreen Farms

    This International Women’s Day, let’s salute the spirit behind Wingreen Farms, led by a woman entrepreneur, who has shown that no matter what the domain, when a woman puts her mind to it, she can conquer all and stand tall.
  7. Celebrating Priyanka & Vinita from our operations network

    Priyanka is a savvy entrepreneur growing her business with Amazon India’s “I Have Space” program while Vinita has been instrumental in ensuring smooth operations at the Fulfilment Centre. Amazon India celebrates these women in its operations network, women who are filled with passion to achieve more.
  8. Celebrating women entrepreneurs with a special IWD store on Amazon.in

    The special store will feature close to 80K products from 450+ women-owned small businesses across various categories including eco-friendly products, healthy snacks, handmade crafts etc.
  9. Growing creative capacities through sustainable toys.

    Meeta not only dreamt of a better world for her children but also worked relentlessly to change the world for the better. Today, as the founder of Shumee, she champions a cause that’s very close to her heart. Shumee enables children to grow their creative capacities through fun, sustainable toys. More power to her and thousands of women entrepreneurs who are making a difference!
  10. Bringing traditional handicrafts into a modern world

    Filmmaker turned entrepreneur, Neha decided to change the way the world sees traditional art and handicraft. So, with the help of some artisans, she started KOPAI PAAR! Through her business, she's helping traditional handicrafts find their way back to modern urban households. Today, Neha's not only changing the narrative of India's long-lost handicrafts but also the lives of many women artisans who work at KOPAI PAAR. More power to her and thousands of women entrepreneurs who are making a difference!
  11. Amazon's wonder women: The ones who drive the 'Prime' force

    This International Women’s Day we are proud to bring to the fore seven wonder women, who are part of various Prime programs in Amazon. With distinctive skill sets that set them apart from one another, they set an example for the entire team that unites them together and glorifies the wonders of being a woman in today’s world.
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