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  • Got a story to share? KDP Pen to Publish contest is in town again

    Amazon’s literary contest is back again this year with greater opportunities for indie authors in India.

  • Bringing new Indian narratives to the forefront

    Becoming a published author was not easy before Kindle created magic for aspiring Indian writers. Today, many Indian authors make their stories heard on Kindle. Boosting these numbers further is Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), that has made getting published a reality for many Indian writers. One of them is Sundari Venkatraman who - after waiting in the wings for 14 years - now has 19 books to her name! KDP also helped Sudha Nair and J Alchem become successful at self publishing. award-winning. Talk about recognizing and bringing to fore unheard Indian narratives! In 2016, Amazon Prime Video made its foray into India thus revolutionising entertainment for and by Indians — in ways that matter. Taking Indian narratives to the world and offering a humongous content library to Indian viewers is just one part of what Prime Video is doing in India. The other is engaging and promoting leading Indian entertainment talent and creators.

  • Fiction with a new kind of hero

    This daughter of Indian immigrants writes young adult fiction with a new kind of hero. She publishes independently to get her message to teen readers.

  • A 14-year wait to success

    How Kindle Direct Publishing fulfilled the long chreished dream of Sundari Venkatraman of becoming an author

  • 'I've always enjoyed creative assignments and playing with words'

    Sudha Nair recently won Amazon’s inaugural Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) Pen To Publish contest, jointly with author J. Alchem. She was awarded for her romance drama, The Wedding Tamasha, at the Jaipur Literary Festival held in January 2018. Her self-published book was judged on several criteria, including creativity, originality, quality of writing and commercial viability.

  • 'Good writing is a result of writing as well as a lot of reading'

    'Pen to publish' winner J Alchem speaks on his passion for writing, his day job as an MBA and a soon to be released film on a story he's penned

  • A 14-year wait to success

    From being a person who admittedly “couldn’t write two creative sentences to save my life” to being a best-selling Indie author of over 19 books, Sundari Venkatraman has come a long way. “I never really thought of myself as a writer, so to think of myself as an author is really a long way off. But, in my house as kids we did read a lot. My granddad was a lawyer in the British era, so he had this great collection of books which we would be asked to read. In fact, I think I started reading by when I was like three-and-a-half years,” says Sundari as she recounts her self-publishing success story.
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