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  • Your romantic movies 'watch' list

    Our Hindi, English and regional picks from Amazon Prime Video. Stream today or bookmark and have a romantic weekend

  • Bringing new Indian narratives to the forefront

    Becoming a published author was not easy before Kindle created magic for aspiring Indian writers. Today, many Indian authors make their stories heard on Kindle. Boosting these numbers further is Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), that has made getting published a reality for many Indian writers. One of them is Sundari Venkatraman who - after waiting in the wings for 14 years - now has 19 books to her name! KDP also helped Sudha Nair and J Alchem become successful at self publishing. award-winning. Talk about recognizing and bringing to fore unheard Indian narratives! In 2016, Amazon Prime Video made its foray into India thus revolutionising entertainment for and by Indians — in ways that matter. Taking Indian narratives to the world and offering a humongous content library to Indian viewers is just one part of what Prime Video is doing in India. The other is engaging and promoting leading Indian entertainment talent and creators.

  • ‘Once you have piqued their interest, you get a devout, binge watching audience’

    In a candid Q&A, director of Breathe, Mayank Sharma tells Amazon Stories why the digital medium interested him, how he roped in stars for this series, taking forward the cause of organ donation and lots more. Read on to know more about how Breathe was born.

  • First Day First Show: Don't 'breathe' easy

    Like Deewar was a tale a two brothers – one good and the other bad, in many ways Breathe too is tale of two similar people – two dads – but the similarity ends there and like Deewar, both these characters chart extremely different courses to achieve their means which as the audience will find out are intertwined in a devious plot that will bring them together.
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