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  • Saluting the veterans at our workplace

    Their transition from disciplined, military roles to civilian corporate careers is tough, but they shine as natural leaders

  • Treasured Indian handicrafts and handlooms – a Karigar's home

    Small artisans and craftsmen are making their way into larger markets thanks to a path paved by Amazon. The Amazon Karigar store features all major crafts, their history, lineage and the artisan stories.

  • 'Our partnership with Amazon will support digital journey of khadi weavers'

    At MoU signing, Jai Kumar Singh, Minister, Department of Industries, Government of Bihar optimistic about the tie up with Amazon in providing employment opportunities to lakhs of households in the state

  • Working to uplift communities

    How Amazon Community Centres are creating a ripple effect of change for the women and children in their vicinity

  • The artisan revival

    How Indian craftsmen are bringing their ‘A’ game on the online platform

  • Our corner store connect: Going hyperlocal with reach

    From partnering with corner stores for last mile delivery to empowering them to act as digital assistants for shoppers from Tier 2 and 3 cities, working in tandem with the local ecosystems has always been the focus of Amazon India

  • Innovating for unique Indian needs

    Whether it is through devices or unique offerings like CoD and Secure Delivery, Amazon is always innovating to fulfil the needs of Indian consumers. This is why we are so invested in collaborating with developers in India to make Alexa truly desi! Another India-first initiative, the Kindle Lite app, is the lightest reading app for Android and is transforming how India reads on devices. Amazon is also constantly innovating and bringing the traditional mom & pop stories and other small businesses into the online fold with programs like Chai Cart, Tatkal, Easy Ship, and more.

  • Bringing new Indian narratives to the forefront

    Becoming a published author was not easy before Kindle created magic for aspiring Indian writers. Today, many Indian authors make their stories heard on Kindle. Boosting these numbers further is Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), that has made getting published a reality for many Indian writers. One of them is Sundari Venkatraman who - after waiting in the wings for 14 years - now has 19 books to her name! KDP also helped Sudha Nair and J Alchem become successful at self publishing. award-winning. Talk about recognizing and bringing to fore unheard Indian narratives! In 2016, Amazon Prime Video made its foray into India thus revolutionising entertainment for and by Indians — in ways that matter. Taking Indian narratives to the world and offering a humongous content library to Indian viewers is just one part of what Prime Video is doing in India. The other is engaging and promoting leading Indian entertainment talent and creators.

  • India always on the minds of our global leaders

    It was only recently that Amazon India celebrated its 5th anniversary and Jeff Bezos in his special message for India said "I’m energized and humbled by the opportunities ahead. is “India ki apni dukaan.” With our global leaders being invested in India's growth one thing was clear that they all have India on their mind. If India reminds Jeff Wilke of all the technology that's being built here, for Russell Grandinetti, SVP- International Consumer the energy of India is inspiring. Jay Carney, SVP, Global Corporate Affairs appreciates Indian customers and sellers for their inventiveness and practicality even as Dave Clark said his team in India is leading the way in innovations for complex solutions. James Farell said it best when he said, his interactions with various people on his visit to India lead him to believe that the Indian landscape is changing and how. And we are glad that Amazon India is part of this journey of India.

  • Empowering women entrepreneurs

    Amazon Saheli empowering women entrepreneurs
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