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Amazon India announces fourth edition of KDP Pen to Publish contest

Cash Prizes worth more than INR 20 lakhs to be won; long-format winners will also receive a print on demand contract to print their titles with Westland Publications

Of stories, poetry and tiny tales: For Rafaa Dalvi, small is big

“Write the book you would like to read but have not found yet,” says Rafaa Dalvi, author of Small is Big, an anthology of 100 micro tales. Read on as he takes us through his journey of being a writer, the strife, and his passion for writing.

How Kindle Direct Publishing helped keep this author’s family afloat during COVID-19 job cuts

A civil engineer by profession, Aishwarya Sajeevakumaran had a zeal for writing and published 22 books in less than a year. Find out how Kindle Direct Publishing helped her.

How Anubhav Agrawal became #1 bestselling author on Kindle

Sometimes you just need somebody to believe in you and tell yourself that your story deserves to be heard. Here’s the story of Anubhav Agrawal, who got people to hear his story and his world was never the same.

Celebrating India’s indie authors

From a doctor, to a chef to an IT professional, this year’s Amazon KDP Pen to Publish Contest winning authors come from different walks of life

Meet the doctor of Oman who is a Tamil writer for the world!

This year, KDP Pen to Publish Contest encouraged authors of regional languages by including categories for Hindi and Tamil alongside English.

Escape Routes: KDP authors’ journey into writing and beyond!

Inspired by Murakami, Pico Iyer, Jhumpa Lahari and other renowned writers and poets, this award winning author talks about her journey on writing, reading and publishing.

Award winning author from Tamil Nadu

A successful journey of Vignesh, award winning author whose works in Tamil are now on the Kindle

'KDP worked out beautifully for a multi-tasker like me'

If writing poetry was a full-time job, then Anurakti, a pediatric cardiologist would be a full-time poetess. Here is an interesting conversation with the winner of KDP Pen to Publish Contest for Hindi - Anurakti Dev.

From writing in English to becoming an award-winning Hindi author

For every thought that was penned down, a thousand wandered around her! And that is how Nandini became an award-winning author Nandini Kumar’.
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