Self-publishing success

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Celebrating India’s indie authors

From a doctor, to a chef to an IT professional, this year’s Amazon KDP Pen to Publish Contest winning authors come from different walks of life

Meet the doctor of Oman who is a Tamil writer for the world!

This year, KDP Pen to Publish Contest encouraged authors of regional languages by including categories for Hindi and Tamil alongside English.

Escape Routes: KDP authors’ journey into writing and beyond!

Inspired by Murakami, Pico Iyer, Jhumpa Lahari and other renowned writers and poets, this award winning author talks about her journey on writing, reading and publishing.

Award winning author from Tamil Nadu

A successful journey of Vignesh, award winning author whose works in Tamil are now on the Kindle

'KDP worked out beautifully for a multi-tasker like me'

If writing poetry was a full-time job, then Anurakti, a pediatric cardiologist would be a full-time poetess. Here is an interesting conversation with the winner of KDP Pen to Publish Contest for Hindi - Anurakti Dev.

From writing in English to becoming an award-winning Hindi author

For every thought that was penned down, a thousand wandered around her! And that is how Nandini became an award-winning author Nandini Kumar’.

'Refreshing to see big production teams proactively reach out to writers'

Saiswaroopa Iyer opens up about how it feels about her book 'Avishi: Vishpala of Rig Veda Remagined' being adapted as a screenplay, why Kindle Direct Publishing works for her and why she likes to be a 'hybrid writer'

Got a story to share? KDP Pen to Publish contest is in town again

Amazon’s literary contest is back again this year with greater opportunities for indie authors in India.

Fiction with a new kind of hero

This daughter of Indian immigrants writes young adult fiction with a new kind of hero. She publishes independently to get her message to teen readers.

A 14-year wait to success

How Kindle Direct Publishing fulfilled the long chreished dream of Sundari Venkatraman of becoming an author
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