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on 30 September 2020
As you read this, some 4.3 million artisans weave magic by their hands in several hamlets of India. Sometimes local music, sometimes a cup of tea accompanies them as they create pieces of legacy. Indian handlooms are a treasure trove of stories, folklore, culture, heritage all weaved into a piece that reaches your hands. This festive season adorn a handloom, share its story and do your bit to support our artisans.

This festive season, bring history home!
  1. When you buy a handmade saree, you bring home a piece of heritage for generations to savour

    India was a ‘golden bird’ not just for its precious stones and heritage, but also for the rich history and tradition of its dexterous weaves that continue to attract global attention to this day. This Republic Day, support the cause of these artisans and buy locally-made products.
  2. Earth to Chisel: The magnificent metal crafts of India

    The invention of metal by early societies became a hallmark of civilization. Even to this date, the knowledge, skill and expertise connected with different metals from various regions of India have been carried over by generations of artisans as a legacy. Buy locally-made products and support the achievements, dreams and heritage of Indian entrepreneurs, artisans and brands.
  3. Gold from roots - fables of natural fiber crafts

    For centuries, nature has given birth to craft languages and utility items that were fashioned from locally available resources, inspired by folklores, and shaped by local climates and communities. One of India’s many such handmade crafts is made from natural fibres.
  4. Bound by Bharat: Treasures of India’s State Emporiums

    Can you travel through India in half an hour? Strange as it may sound, it is possible to time travel across the vast land while browsing through the finest collections of India’s State Emporiums.
  5. Artisanal homes: Timeless home decor with handmade heritage

    The various crafts of India finished by hands and its creative visualisation into home spaces create timeless homes, unconstrained by any boundaries, trends or styles. Discover and create homes that exude warmth and character this festive season.
  6. Go vocal for local with traditional Indian jewellery

    Explore the timeless art of handmade jewellery that this ancient land has nurtured over centuries. Go vocal for local and support Indian artisans and craftspeople in a big way this Diwali.
  7. When heritage met sustainability : The fabric of India, Khadi

    Khadi is not just a hand spun weave: it is a voice. It is a voice of the earth, of the weavers, of the rain and the sunshine that align themselves in perfect harmony with the ethos of the land.
  8. The splendour of India’s woollen weaves

    Take a sneak peek at the woollen weaves from the land of the Himalayas to the white deserts of Kutch, which have taken the world by storm.
  9. While their craft speaks volumes, artisans are persons of few words: #ShopBigSupportSmall

    So observe with care and love, because when you see a piece of handmade art, it's almost like hearing an artisan speak through his craft. Listen to the sounds of silence and support small businesses on Amazon
  10. The A to Z of Indian handicrafts: Go #Local4Diwali

    India’s handcrafted heritage—right from its diverse weaves and pottery styles to metal, grass and even wool works—comes with its own language of colours, motifs and folklores, reflecting the magnificent and diverse history of our land. At Amazon India we are proud of this inheritance, and find it humbling to provide a platform to empower our innumerable artisan communities across the country. We urge you to keep those countless artisans in mind when you shop for Diwali this year.
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