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7 pieces that will add oomph to your jewellery collection

Do you know what differentiates the 8 states of the North-East from the rest of India? Their love for handmade jewellery and the detailed efforts put into creating each piece from scratch. At, we take you one step closer to basking in the essence of these hilly regions.
on 07 July 2021
Handmade. Ornate. Affordable. The 8 sister states of North-East India boast of statement jewellery pieces that are handcrafted by local artisans. It is a symbol of their pride and beliefs which comes out beautifully in an art form that they know best.

So what binds these states together? Their growing popularity among the Indian culture, now all the more accessible with Featuring some unique handmade jewellery online, here’s your chance to stock up on the best from the North-East fashion.

  1. A traditional fit

    For an elegant and classy affair, Matushri Art from Arunachal Pradesh features silver, gold, brass, ruby, sapphire, and pearl jewellery pieces on The collection consists of heavy and detailed jewellery sets and chokers, often symbolizing Indian deities like Lord Ganesha and drawing inspiration from the local culture of handicrafts.

    Compliment your simple, traditional outfits with intricate neckpieces and earrings from this brand. Available online with the best deals.
  2. Embracing history

    Inspired by Indian historical leaders, world-famous painters, and sceneries from her daily life, Anindita brings to your handmade jewellery made of fabric art which is a popular North-East fashion trend. Precious metals, beads, and clothing material is painted decals, symbols, and pictures inspired from the world. These jewellery pieces and sets are lightweight, great for regular use, and can be paired with casual as well as traditional outfits.

    Bring out your love for art with these unique earrings, necklaces, chokers, and anklets from Anindita's store on
  3. A mark of prosperity

    Your search for all things gold ends here! Turn heads with signature jewelry from the state of Assam, known for its manufacturing for years long. Balaji Gold is your one-stop shop for Assamese Gohona sets, traditional bangles, japis, and buti chokers. Featuring intricate symbols of flora and fauna, these accessories make great gifts for any occasion and add a timeless look to your traditional ensemble.

    Choose from a wide array jewellary options from the store to add these handcrafted pieces to your collection.
  4. An elegant touch

    Fall in love with just a mere look at Zephyrr’s jewellery collection that features Tibetan beads and motifs with inlay work, and simple brass and gold-plated pieces. This brand from Nagaland focuses on creating beautifully handcrafted accessories for girls and women with striking colors. Go traditional by matching your outfit with their neck-pieces, chokers, earrings, and balis, or flaunt a contemporary attire with a color-blocking trend.

    Zephyrr’s store has lots to choose from! Find this handmade jewellery
  5. Honoring your zodiac

    Jewellery pieces that guard your body and soul? Astroghar’s got your back with neckpieces and bracelets inspired by Tibetan Buddhism. Made with beads, crystals, brass, and alloy, these daily wear jewellery pieces are engraved with hymns and slogans known to safeguard you from negative auras.

    Consider them auspicious or a minimalistic addition to your attire, you can find Astroghar’s entire collection at the online store.
  6. Straight from nature

    Tripura embodies its love for bamboo handicrafts and jewellery through Triboo that designs lightweight, traditional earring pieces made out of natural bamboo fibers. Their variety of designs make them ideal for multiple occasions. The jewelry pieces are skin-friendly and durable making them a perfect addition to your wardrobe.

    Check out their elaborate catalog of designs with your favorite shapes, colors, and sizes at
  7. A gem from Sikkim

    Looking for some temple neckpieces? Hastkala Arts & Crafts - another gem from Sikkim - brings to you the Tibetan culture in its vibrant jewellery pieces. Oxidized pendants, fabric earrings, copper necklaces, and gold ornaments summarize their entire collection as they use Tibetan motifs in their designs. Kolhapuri art is also quite prominent in their choker neck-pieces as they strike the perfect balance between traditional and trendy.

    Available exclusively online, you can purchase your favourite handcrafted picks now.
Available exclusively online, you can purchase your favourite handcrafted picks now. Bringing in the tastes of ethnic groups around the 7 states in the North-East, you’ll soon find yourself joining the fashion revolution that is gradually taking over the country. Create a fashion sense unique to you with exclusive finds on the store.
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