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Trendiest styles and looks to conquer 2021 fashion like a pro!

From 70s-inspired denims to decadent leather, 2021 will bring upon us an array of trends to truly experience the joy of fashion. Read on to know more...
on 31 December 2020
Look good’ to ‘feel good’ is the mantra for men and women alike across all age groups. Everyone wants to look on point and fashionably forward at all hours. The year 2020 has seen a major shift in fashion trends across the globe, be it the rise of chic comfortable clothing or trendy face masks to match your mood for the day. Businesses and designers have adapted to the current situation and directly translated their ideas into designs presented through livestreamed shows, artful videos, YouTube streams and socially distanced in-person runways.

With 2021 just around the corner, there is a collective hope that the New Year will be drastically different from the year before, and the fashion trends we forecast for 2021 are indicative of this. From 70s-inspired denims to decadent leather, 2021 will bring upon us an array of trends to truly experience the joy of fashion. Additionally, customers will continue to look at ecommerce as a source of trendy fashion offerings from the comfort of their homes.

Narendra Kumar, Creative Director, Amazon Fashion India recommends some of the trendiest styles and looks to conquer 2021 fashion like a pro!
  1. Floral print dresses

    Floral print dresses never go out of vogue and can be styled in a myriad ways. Pair a bright coloured floral dress with a sleek belt to add shape to the outfit or go bold with a chunky jacket. Finish with a pair of strappy sandals and a bold red lipstick.

  2. Square-neck tops

    Unique necklines have been all the rage since the rise of the Zoom culture. Square-neck tops, in particular, look feminine and give you a chance to show off those structured collar bones. Pair these with a pair of high-rise jeans and a classic pair of sunglasses for a day-to-night look.
  3. Pastel sweaters

    Liven up your wardrobe with sweaters in pastels like blush pink or baby blue for a cheerful look. You can also go monotone by choosing accessories like a baguette bag and sandals in the same colour.
  4. Yoga pants

    Yoga pants have managed to slide their way back into our hearts. Workout in style with pants that are comfortable and match your aesthetic. Opt for solid colors or have fun with printed bold neons and animals prints to jazz up your ensemble.
  5. Tank tops

    As the athleisure trend continues to pick up speed, so do workout tank tops. A good quality tank top that allows you to move freely is an essential for any kind of workout. The colour options are endless.
  6. Midi kurtas

    Sophisticated and feminine, midi kurtas make for the perfect desi ensemble. Have fun with different patterns and colour options. You can also opt for a collared neckline to add a touch of elegance. Finish the look with jhumkas and some colorful bangles.
  7. Terracotta-coloured culottes

    Terracotta has made a comeback by taking Instagram and Pintrest by storm. The wide leg culotte in this colour will be the star of the year. Pair them with knee-high leather boots in the colder months or go for classic sneakers in summer.
  8. Colourful bandanas

    Bandanas are unquestionably cool and will add some pop to your outfit. You can go for bright colours to lift the gloom and pair it with a casual tee or even a sundress. This versatile accessory can be used as a necktie, a scarf or even as a makeshift top if you are feeling adventurous.
  9. Digital watches

    A digital wristwatch with a smart yet definitive dial goes well with everything. Find one that complements your personal taste. With intelligent and unique features like heart rate monitor, alarms and timers, a digital watch is a must-have in 2021.
  10. Hoop earrings

    Hoops in all sizes are on the trend watch more than ever now! Whether you are looking for occasion-worthy earrings or an everyday style, these minimalistic earrings will add just the right amount of vogue to your overall look.
  11. Printed polo T-shirts

    There’s nothing quite like the quintessential polo t-shirt. It’s classic, yet simple and suits every occasion. You can also spice up your basic polo t-shirts by adding micro prints like micro-checks, fine stripes and geometric patterns or foliage and paisley prints for casual and evening wear.
  12. Classic denims

    Possibly the most versatile bottom wear, denim jeans are a smart and non-fussy piece of clothing. Remember, the most important rule while shopping for denims is that it has to fit you well. The versatile garment can be paired with both formal and casual apparel.
  13. Printed hoodies

    A hoodie might not be the most fashion forward item in your wardrobe, but a printed one will completely change the game! For a contemporary urban outfit, consider pairing a hoodie with a solid coloured bomber jacket or pair it with a long coat for a semi formal look.
  14. Monotone joggers

    Monotone joggers have become the most preferred option for streetwear as it remains stylish and provides optimum comfort, be it indoors or outdoors. Style your pair of bottoms effortlessly with a graphic t-shirt and black Vans to go for that carefree look.
  15. Grey pastel trousers

    Be it a casual outing with friends or a conference at your workplace, a pair of grey pastel trousers can always work! Wear them with a teal colored blazer and a printed t-shirt to complete that casual yet classy look.
  16. Geometric print shorts

    Slip into a pair of comfortable geometric print shorts this year to embrace the work-from-home culture. Pair it with your favourite casual t-shirts and espadrilles. To complete the look, pair with a brown or black hat.
  17. Colorful sneakers

    Sneakers have now become a staple in everybody’s wardrobes. However, the shade-card of shoes from monotone has drastically changed in the past and become less rigid. This year has seen a wide array of styles in sneakers, especially in its colour mix, and the trend will continue in 2021 as well.
  18. Digital watches

    To keep up with the digital age, a digital watch is a must. Watches with a sophisticated contemporary design are the perfect accessory for both formal and a casual attire. They also feature an array of unique designs and incredible features.
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Narendra Kumar is the Creative Director, Amazon Fashion India.
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