• 17/01/20

    Thank You India

    Amazon Smbhav 2020

    After a session packed day of sessions, the SMB summit came to an end. The energy that we witnessed among entrepreneurs was unparalleled. It was this energy that made Smbhav 2020 such a big success. Thank you India!

  • 16/01/20

    Kishore Biyani speaks on his journey

    As Day 2 of Smbhav begins, Kishore Biyani of Big Bazaar tells the audience on he began his journey. On how he did something different than his family business, his reply left everyone laughing, He said, "We were born to socialist parents, we were not allowed to do wat we want so we had to rebel. This generation belongs to democratic parents so they are allowed to do whatever they want.

  • 15/01/20

    Special moments end Day 1
    We had a very special moment at Smbhav, today as Ankit Chauhan, an attendee of the event beautifuly sketched our leaders and shared their portraits with us. We truly appreciate his art and gesture! Thank you all for attending Amazon Smbhav Day 1.

    Art sketching - sambhav 2020.jpeg

    Xchange - Panel discussion : Deliver to Delight

    In this eXchange session, expert panelists deep dived into the conflicts between speed, cost and the innovations that help balance them better. They probed into how SMBs can look at the ever growing entitlement as an area to build more disruptive solutions with the use of technology.

    delight SMB sambhav 2020.jpeg

  • 15/01/20

    Session on Catalog Creation

    The session aimed at enabling the audience to understand how Amazon helps on improving the entire customer journey from product discovery to making a purchase decision.

    Catalog creation- sambhav 2020

  • 15/01/20

    A blend of old and new

    At the Smbhav - while many different stalls got a lot of eyeballs, one Story Bioscope wall was unique. It was nice to see people look into the "bioscope" and watch seller stories play. Reminded one of the times when cinema was mobile and the bioscope was key to taking cinema everywhere!

    Bioscope - Smabhav Indian

    Targetting the customer

    Kishore Thota, Director - Customer Experience and Marketing at Amazon and Pranav Bhasin, Director – MSME Empowerment & Seller Experience at Amazon, and Dale Vaz, Head - Engineering & AI at Swiggy, along with other eminent speakers spoke about how SMBs can tap into millions of users who are coming online, to grow their business.

    sambhav kishore

  • 15/01/20

    Attendees flock stalls

    While inside the audi, sessions were going, there was action on the outside too. The stalls set up for visitors had a lot of attendees checking out what was on display.

    Stalls - Smbhav 2020

    SMBs are globally competitive through digitization

    Mr. Prakash Mallya, Vice President & Managing Director – Sales and Marketing Group, Intel India, believes that through digitization, the playing field for SMBs to be globally competitive has been levelled. By developing digital skills, SMBs can disrupt and differentiate themselves in the market. Awareness, availability, applicability, accessibility and advocacy are key places where SMBs can employ tech advancements and grow at a faster pace.

    Prakash Mallaya sambahv 2020.jpeg
    Prakash Mallaya

    Insights on turning a hobby into a successful business

    Ms. Sunehra Koshy, the CEO and Founder, Crack of Dawn Crafts broke down key advice that one would need if they want to turn their hobby into a successful business. She, like the rest of the industry experts we heard from today, believe that listening to your customers is monumental when it comes to growing your business. Contrary to popular belief, she advices sellers to follow the rules, the rules that will lay down the foundation for years to come. Say yes to all opportunities in the early days, solely because one thing always leads to another. She ended her talk with a very uplifting message - “Compete passionately. A competitor can only copy your product, never your mind.”

    Sunedra Koshy Sambhav 2020
    Sunehra Koshy

  • 15/01/20

    Educate session is a packed house

    The session by SPN (Service Provider Network) team led by Ashish Bachani, Partner Development Manager SPN, saw a packed house where he gave the lowdown on doing business in an online world.

    SPN session - Smbhav

    Breaking the myths, empowering women in the logistics industry

    Dr. Sabiha Mulla, Director, Apt Logistics Pvt Ltd. has given the Andaman Islands the opportunity to have orders delivered to their doorstep. Those who make these deliveries are loved by the islanders and a concept that seemed almost foreign a few years is now a reality and more because people now even receive products delivered to them by scuba divers!

    dr sabiha Sambhav 2020
    Dr. Sabiha Mulla

  • 15/01/20

    Audience erupted in applause

    There were a lot of times, when the audience clapped heartily when Jeff spoke. But just as he was to leave the stage he was asked for final words and he said, "I'm gonna make two predictions. The first, that Tte 21st century is going to be an Indian century. And the second, that the India-US alliance will be the most important in 21st century!" And this elicited a lot of cheers and big applause from the audience.

    SMBs can cheer!

    "Amazon to invest US$ 1 billion to help digitize SMBs", said Jeff Bezos to a huge round of applause from the audience. He said, "Our hope is that this investment will bring millions more people into the future prosperity of India and at the same time expose the world to the ‘Make in India’ products that represent India’s rich, diverse culture.”

    Read more here

  • 15/01/20

    Tips from Narayana Murthy

    Special guest Narayana Murthy addressing the gathering. He says, "Hard work, commitment to work, pride in nation and demonstration of discipline will help us become a stronger nation."

    Narayna Murthy at Smmbhav 2020

  • 15/01/20

    The Fire Side Chat

  • 15/01/20

    "We are grateful to your support"

    Gopal Pillai, Vice President, Seller Services Amazon India now adddresses the audience. "Its incredible to see more than 3000 SMBs in the stadium. From Salem to Kottayam to Haridwar to Nepal to Bangaldesh to the US - we have representation from so many parts! We are grateful to your support."

    Gopal Pillai at Sambhav 2020

  • 15/01/20

    And it's a full house!

    Crowd at Sambhav 2020 Amazon India

  • 15/01/20

    Stories of transformation

    The audience at the venue being treated to videos of all those entreperneurs who have benefited by coming online and partnering with Amazon. Some videos are getting a applause. All we say is #ThankYouIndia

  • 15/01/20

    All set for Smbhav 2020 to begin

    Sambhav opening on Jan 15

    Sambhav out - outside

  • 14/01/20

    The team behind Smbhav

    Watch the behind the scenes action

    Ready for Smbhav 2020: Unlocking infinite possibilities for SMBs.

  • 14/01/20

    No passes? Join live

    Join the exclusive sessions delivered by Narayana Murty, Kishore Biyani and Sudhir Sitapati live on Youtube and Facebook. Watch this space for more.

  • 14/01/20

    Who are coming?

    100 + global leaders and industry experts
    3000 + SMBs, start-ups and entrepreneurs
    70+ business and tech partners

  • 14/01/20

    What is Smbhav

    Amazon Smbhav is designed as a two-days thought-leadership SMB Summit to provide small and medium businesses as well as micro-entrepreneurs in India an opportunity to engage in a constructive, open dialogue with the industry, subject matter experts as well as peers about issues hindering their growth, share learnings, understand new opportunities that ecommerce offers and have some insights into future trends.

    What to expect

    As the venue is being prepped for the big day, here's what you can expect on the two days. While the event kick starts with a welcome note by Gopal Pillai VP and GM Seller Service, Amazon India this will be followed by a fireside chat with Amit Agarwal, SVP Country Manager.

    Each day of the event will offer participants a mix of knowledge, training and masterclass sessions divided as-
    1) eXpert: Inspirational journeys of high achievers from the SMB ecosystem in India, as narrated by them
    2) eXcel: Learn from Amazon leaders about the opportunities that open up with adoption of technology
    3) eXchange: Discussion between policy makers, industry SMEs & Amazon leadership on key topics/debates related to Indian SMBs
    4) eDucate: In depth master-classes/educational sessions provided by subject matter experts on areas that help SMBs grow/scale
    5) eXhibit: Engage with exhibitors to discover products and solutions to drive ease of business for SMBs.

    For more details on the sessions, click here