Supporting small business

Reviving the Pochampally weave

Stemming from the roots of Ayurveda, Aarshaveda is reviving the lost legacy!

Settled by the banks of river Periyar, Aarshaveda is an initiative to bring back traditional forms of Ayurveda from where it had all begun.

Amazon Festive Yatra ends with donating for the cause of the girl child

Partners with the Akshay Patra Foundation and auctions the various products of the House on Wheels to fund schemes that will empower the girl child

Mother-daughter duo who are empowering artisans to show their skills

Award winning business owners, the mother-daughter duo of Surprise Someone talk about how the business of upcycling has empowered women, artisans and those who haven't got a platform to show their skills.

‘Seeding’ a bond with nature this Raksha Bandhan

A rakhi made from naturally dyed, organic cotton yarn and seeds is what's making this festival 'green'

Treasured Indian handicrafts and handlooms – a Karigar's home

Small artisans and craftsmen are making their way into larger markets thanks to a path paved by Amazon. The Amazon Karigar store features all major crafts, their history, lineage and the artisan stories.

Our 'AmazIN' journey: From one hundred SMBs 6 years ago, to half a million today!

Gopal Pillai, Vice President and GM, Seller Services, Amazon India recounts the company's journey from a 100 sellers 6 years ago to over 5 lakh today...

Strengthening India’s love for chai, one sip at a time

Bala Sarda, CEO of Vahdam Teas, speaks on why he wants his brand to emerge as the singular home-grown leading tea brand and empower millions of tea growers while doing so

Using nano tech to power everyday clothing

How Turms, who started on Amazon Launchpad as a fashion brand, is breaking new ground and creating intelligent apparel that is anti-stain, anti-odour and cooler!

'We are excited about the Amazon Wings initiative'

CEO and founder of the crowd funding platform - Ketto - Varun Sheth, CTO and co-founder Zaher Adenwala, and co-founder Kunal Kapoor speak about their collaboration with Amazon India and why crowd funding small business excites them.

When tapping into the green consumer makes sound business sense too

With the help of Amazon Renewed, this entrepreneur is making technology affordable to everyone while creating a circular business economy. Read on to know how Yaantra does all this in one fell swoop...
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