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How women from rural India are becoming entrepreneurs, with a little help from Saheli

A social enterprise I Village in association with Amazon Saheli works on procuring orders that are crafted by women in villages and sold online

The looms start clanking again, the story of Ikkat revival

How a family that was seeing an ebb in traditional weaving, is reviving its home grown art and positively impacting the fortunes of the community

The stage is set for SMBhav 2020

The two-day summit will provide an opportunity for SMBs to explore new opportunities of growth, learn from stalwarts and experts to be future-ready

Infinite possibilities, one mega summit - get ready for Amazon Smbhav

The two-day mega summit bringing micro, small and medium enterprises focuses on getting diverse perspectives from eminent industry experts, policy makers, solution providers and Amazon leadership on areas that are most relevant for SMBs today.

15 desi quirky gifts for your cart - all made in India!

Here’s a list of 15 quirky products that are made in India and are available on Amazon India. So start reading and get ready to add these goodies to your cart!

Rapsodia - A family business that was born offline and is now growing online

Business stories come in different shapes and sizes. Some might fail while some may succeed. It sometimes is a see-saw and other times only uphill. But some stories have a beautiful twist to them Read this story to know about a home-grown company Rapsodia.

Strack - A posture correcting device that allows you track your back, all day long!

More often than not, we have been advised against slouching or sitting in a wrong position. Sometimes it causes mild back pain and other times it causes chronic pain, but according to doctors – a bad posture is detrimental to quality of life.

Roshni: Lighting up the world of Indian weavers

We buy products online. We admire them and use them to decorate our homes. Ever wonder what brings them to the online world? Who sources these products from far and wide? Read more to know the story behind these products

Stemming from the roots of Ayurveda, Aarshaveda is reviving the lost legacy!

Settled by the banks of river Periyar, Aarshaveda is an initiative to bring back traditional forms of Ayurveda from where it had all begun.

Amazon Festive Yatra ends with donating for the cause of the girl child

Partners with the Akshay Patra Foundation and auctions the various products of the House on Wheels to fund schemes that will empower the girl child
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