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Seller special: 12 timeless Valentine Day gifting ideas for your loved one

Whether you’re into grand gestures or thoughtful presents, intimate, personalised gifts or yummy edible treats, our sellers have curated a special list of instant V-Day gifts includes something for everyone.
on 08 February 2021
When it comes to picking the perfect Valentine’s gift for your special one, it often feels like there are far too many options to choose from and yet nothing that seems just right. Whether you’re all for the classic favourites such as chocolates, flowers and jewellery or prefer the personalized gifting options that seem to be all the rage these days - buying the perfect gift can become a stressful chore as February 14 draws closer each year.

That time of the year is here again, but this year we have the perfect cure for your V-day worries. At Amazon.in, we have a number of cupid-approved Valentine’s Day gifts available from Launchpad, Saheli, and other local stores. Just browse, click, cart and buy - all in a matter of minutes.

Whether you’re into grand gestures or thoughtful presents, intimate, personalised gifts or yummy edible treats, our list of instant V-Day gifts includes something for everyone.
  1. Open Secret V-Day Hampers

    Want to tell your sweet Valentine how much they mean to you? Well then this Assorted Valentine’s Day hamper from Open Secret is just the perfect gifting option for you. It includes a box of healthy, nut-filled chocolate cookies and a card that allows you to write a heartfelt note of love for that special someone. A perfect choice for those who want to add the charm of handwritten letters to their love story.
  2. Chokola: For every kind of chocolate craving

    Know your Valentine has a sweet tooth but tired of the usual chocolate brands available in your vicinity? Try Chokola’s Valentine’s Day gift options that include a spread of healthy chocolate varieties in a bunch of different flavors. Nutty, crunchy, gooey, and more - they have something healthy and delicious for everyone.
  3. NutraSphere: Make it a savoury Valentine

    If love isn’t always sweet why does every V-Day gift have to be? Go savoury this year and give your Valentine NutraSphere’s range of soups to snack on. High on fiber and low in fat, these soupy treats are the perfect gift for a Valentine who likes to stay in shape. So go ahead, set up a candlelit table, strew some petals and cook up a yummy soupy treat for your Valentine this year and make it an evening to remember.
  4. IVEI: Poker themed showpiece

    Do you believe your better half is the king or queen of your world? Then IVEI’s Poker Themed Showpiece is just the right gift for him/ her. Featuring the King of Spades and the Queen of Hearts, this keepsake piece is made of pure wood and is the perfect showpiece for any room in your home. This V-Day, pay an ode to the badshah or begum in your life.
  5. Gift Arcadia: Love is brewing

    Sometimes there’s nothing better than sharing a cuppa with your partner at the end of a long day. These cute His & Her mugs by Gift Arcadia, depicting a funny yet lovely message are sure to be an instant hit with all the tea and coffee lovers out there. Simple, sweet and thoughtful - now this is a gift you can’t go wrong with.
  6. SockSoho: Get Cosy & Snuggly

    Looking for a Valentine’s Day gift that your partner can actually put to good use? These luxury socks by SockSoho are the thing for you. Made of premium combined cotton and antibacterial yarn, these socks for men keep your feet feeling dry, warm and fuzzy all day long. You can get 6 dress socks - 3 stripes, 2 luxury polka dots and 1 themed design - pre-packed in a stylish, black box, making it a perfect gift for the special man in your life.
  7. NUNMUN: Funky and traditional decor for your home

    Ever imagined having a figurine of you and your partner? This cute and traditional showpiece by NUNMUN is a marvelous representation of a couple and a beautiful memento celebrating your eternal love. Handcrafted with love, this cute design featuring vibrant colors makes for a unique couples gift that’s sure to make you go ‘awwww….’ each time you look at it.
  8. Bonorganik: What a match!

    Couples who live together and love together can also look amazing together. It's time to do just that with these matching couples t-shirts from Bonorganik. Made of 100% cotton, these his and hers T-shirt sets with cute, quirky messages let you twin with your favorite person in style and comfort. Available in sizes from S to XXL, this Valentine’s gift is a special souvenir for every couple who loves to twin and win.
  9. Age Ayurveda: Healthcare, with love

    Does the woman in your life care for all the world but forget to take care of herself? This Valentine it’s time to show her you care with Age Ayurveda’s Immunity Tablets. Made from Indian herbs like ashwagandha, guduchi, and pipali to name a few, these tablets help your loved ones fight viral infections and allow them to be healthy, even when they’re always on their toes. Choose this perfect Valentine’s gift of healthcare for your loved one.

  10. Bigwishbox: Baked with love

    They say life is a cake and love is like the icing on top of it. That’s why we say nothing speaks of love better than a box of delicious, fresh cake, straight from the oven. Bigwishbox’s freshly baked chocolate and black forest cakes are just the perfect sweet treat for you and your partner this Valentine’s day. And if you’re feeling a bit too romantic, you can add a bunch of your favourite flowers and make it twice the treat for your loved one.

  11. Surprise Someone: Handmade with love

    Don’t have the time to make a card for your partner but want your Valentine’s Day gift to be a gesture straight from the heart? Surprise Someone has some fun customizations for you in an explosion box of cards, letters, and photographs. These quirky cards for Valentine’s are predesigned with notes and quotes and if you want to further customize your gift they also offer add-on of a Love Diary, plantable seeds, and more.

So that completes our list of romantic gift items to suit every type of relationship. Now it’s time for you to make your Valentine gift a thoughtful, beautiful one that your partner will love and cherish for life. Happy shopping!
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