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Diversity, now in your pantry: Stock up on these 5 ingredients from North-East India

#SpotlightNorth-East: Fresh, exotic, and unique - you cannot find a better combination of ingredients apart from North-East India. So if that’s how you’re craving your meal today, stocking up seems like the perfect idea.
on 05 July 2021
No matter where you hail from, the universal language of food will always bring you closer to people. Maybe that’s why North-East India owns the crown with fresh ingredients cultivated by its people and easily delivered straight to your house from the store.

Comprising of the 8 sister states, the region is known for its diversity in culture and cuisines made from minimal yet exotic ingredients that make every palette flavoursome. Can’t plan a trip anytime soon? Bring home the essence of North-East India home.
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  1. Manipur’s pride: Chakhao kheer

    Love having your mom’s recipe of kheer? Try having a bowl of Chakhao Kheer made out of Manipur’s black rice, also known as the Emperor’s rice. These high-quality grains make every sweet dish special with their rich texture and aromatic fragrance. Unlike ordinary rice, this variant from the North-East is packed with antioxidants, Vitamin E, protein, and fibers making every meal healthy. They effectively help in controlling diabetes and reducing cholesterol.

    Use this unique ingredient to accompany curries, or grind it into flour to prepare your favourite desserts including rasgullas, gulab jamuns, and even chidwas. You can find a host of brands available only at your favourite online store.
  2. Meghalaya’s essential: Lakadong turmeric powder

    Turmeric has been a part of different Indian cuisines and rituals for its healing properties. Meghalaya’s Lakadong Turmeric Powder packs at least 7 to 12% extra curcumin to add color, flavor and double the health benefits. You can sense the lingering aroma of this rich ingredient right from opening the packet to adding a teaspoon to your meal preparations.

    Improving your skin’s texture, relieving colds and sore throats, and improving heart health: can it get any better than this? Choose your pick from the host of brands only at
  3. Assam’s favourite chili - Bhut Jolokiya

    Do you enjoy gorging on hot and spicy meals? Then these baby chilis called Bhut Jolokiya will give you just the burst of fire that you’re craving. Locally known as Jolokiya or chili by the Assamese, every part of this power-packed ingredient can be used for your meals. It can be used as a spice or condiment and compliments the preparation of flavored vinegar, sauces, chutneys, and even curries.

    Stock up on these tiny firebombs for those special meals with the family. Available from different brands in various forms.
  4. Sikkim’s way of life: Chhurpi

    Craving a happy, cheesy meal? Try the traditional cheese from Sikkim known as Churpi that is specially prepared by boiling buttermilk. Available in soft and hard varieties, its milky, melt-in-the-mouth texture and tangy flavor will leave a lingering impression on you.

    Enjoy it as is or make a fulfilling salad with green vegetables; have it on the side with rice or use it as a filling for bread, momos, and DIY thin-crust pizzas. Oh, and did we mention we have it too? Add it to your weekend grocery list now!
  5. Nagaland’s necessity: Naga chili

    Think you’ve tried the hottest chili ever? According to the Scoville scale, Nagaland’s notorious Naga Chili clock over 1,000,000 SHUs making it one of the hottest in the world. One bite of this chilli can put a haze over your senses for at least 30 minutes. Its rich aroma, heat, and flavor profile work wonders for delectable curries, smoked meats, and chili accompaniments for every meal.

    Can you withstand the heat? Purchase these chillis from your favorite brands today, fresh from yours truly!
Make easy or elaborate delicacies with these readily available ingredients from the North-East. It’s time to go on a culinary adventure!
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