The final fabric Ajrakh
Step 16: Final wash of the fabric is done in plain water and then left for drying. This then results in the finished products
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Made in India crafts that you can buy for your home

Celebrating Indian craftsmen who have been the unsung heroes preserving and passing on the tradition, mysticism, and romance of Indian art and handicraft for generations, thus keeping it alive for us. Check out their collections
on 27 June 2020
The unified glory of India lies in its diversity. India has heterogeneous regions where various people spin a distinct set of colours, textures, and emotions through their native crafts. Indian handicrafts are more than showpieces; they have an emotion, a history, and an identity. Indian craftsmen have been the unsung heroes who preserved and passed on the tradition, mysticism, and romance of Indian culture for generations, thus keeping it alive for us.
Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, they fight yet another battle – for survival. We bring you a range of ethnic crafts specially curated by Indian artisans across the country. Use them to add a touch of class and character to your home and life.


  1. Pochampally Ikat

    Bold geometric designs in a hypnotic mesh of weaves would probably best explain the art of Pochampally Ikat. The weave is traditional to Telangana and uses a unique style of dyeing to colour yarn. Fashioned in colours that blend perfectly, these are an ideal pick for formal occasions as well as casual wear.
    Style tip: Dressing down is always dressing right.
  2. Handmade bamboo tray

    Concentric diamonds laced carefully through warp and weft make a stylish addition to your dining table. This eclectic tray combines a touch of modern style and the finish of rustic Indian craft woven together to perfection. Bamboo crafts, the unsung heroes of the far eastern lands of India, epitomise environment-friendly solutions. Kadam Haat showcases products made by rural communities and invests proceeds in uplifting them.
    Home Tip: Try alternate ways to use the tray; use it as a wall hanging to complement a vase or display placed in front of it. Watch it add depth and contrast to the look.
  3. Traditional handmade potli

    Zardozi is a reminder of the rich history of India. It isn’t just a craft form, but a story that carefully stitches the greatest periods of our glorious past into our lives and traditions. Zardozi is a reminder of the richness of our history, reflected proudly through the use of mirrors and motifs, and intricate beadwork. This potli, showcases the artistic prowess of the craftsmen of Bhopal.
    Fashion tip: This potli goes equally well with traditional and fusion wear. Flaunt it stylishly and confidently to make a statement.
  4. Smoked finish bamboo mug

    Imagine yourself drinking piping hot chai from a smokey bamboo mug. Close your eyes, and as you savour the aroma and taste of tea, you will visualise yourself in the lap of nature. This is the power of Indian handicrafts; the power to take you back where you belong. Bamboo crafts are a means to evoke the treasures of life, and serve as a reminder that beauty lies in simplicity. Silpakarman strives to keep alive Indian craftsmanship by reaching out directly to artisans in the rural north-east.
    Home décor tip: Bamboo curios can add a touch of warmth to your living and dining space. All it takes is one simple statement piece and the right placement.
  5. Madur Kathi place mat set

    This place mat set weaves simplistic style, history and tradition seamlessly. Natural fibres like jute and madur kathi have been part of our cultural identity for generations. Popularised mainly in West Bengal and surrounding regions, madur kathi products are known for their distinct look and durability. A craft that began with the making of mats has now evolved to producing table-linen and fashioning bags and accessories. Kopai Paar collaborates with local artisans and promotes their trade. Creating awareness, and bringing about a resurgence of native crafts and sustainable practices continues to be its driving force.
    Dining tip: Complete the ethnic dining experience by using bamboo, steel or brass tableware.
  6. Handmade pearls with oxidised pendant

    This ornate pendant set celebrates the beauty of women and the beauty of Indian styles and sensibilities. The use of pearls and other semi-precious stones has been predominant in Indian accessories. With changing trends and times, the use of stones has remained an integral part of traditional Indian jewellery. Sreevee combines the use of various Indian styles and materials to create unique jewellery. Every creation combines ethnic tastes with a modern touch.
    Accessory tip: Pearls and silver can complement western wear in earthy tones to create the perfect Indo-western look.
Indian handicrafts are gaining appeal and popularity across the world. Indian styles and sensibilities inspire designs and trends globally. When such a wealth and history of craftsmanship, skill, and dexterity can be found in indigenous crafts, we should show them off with pride. It is a fitting ode to the torchbearers of our cultural heritage. In recognition of the Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises’ (MSME) Day on 27th June, let us help our artisans in promoting their craft and reviving their businesses in times of crises.

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