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Meet our global sellers who are taking Made in India products to the world

Indian MSMEs are increasingly seeing e-commerce exports as an opportunity to grow their business. We showcase a few of their success stories...
on 20 July 2020
· Amazon Global Selling program is taking crores of ‘Made in India’ products to hundreds of millions of customers worldwide
· The program is witnessing momentous growth; the cumulative exports have doubled compared to the previous year
Read below a few success stories:

  1. Weaving a world of opportunity for Indian fashion

    How Chandrakal Creations, a two-decade-old apparel changed their approach to make a fashion statement across the world with the help of Amazon Global Selling...
  2. Of a skincare brand that 'WOW'ed the world

    How a brand combined ayurvedic formulas and western herbal preparations to change the natural beauty products market in India.
  3. The global growth of brilliance and splendour

    How the Amazon Global Selling Program helped Aheli find a brand identity that was aligned with their sense of aesthetic and resonated well with their global customers.
  4. The leather of local tradition and global reach

    How the passion to deliver handcrafted leather products and accessories to customers across the world saw A Jaald store reach global heights, with support from Amazon Global Selling Program.
  5. 'We are committed to our vision of building a global brand from India'

    Dhvanil Sheth, founder and CEO of the toy brand Skillmatics, speaks to us on how the Amazon Global Selling Pogram helped him in his vision of building a Made in India brand for the world!
  6. Taking the holistic approach to introduce the 'sutra' of science

    How Sri Venkatesh Aromas Organics, a business with 35 years of industry experience to their name, introduced their ‘Sutra of Science’ to the world with the support of Amazon.
  7. From a fashion-forward brand to an industry-first global company

    How Amazon Global Selling gave the bed linen brand California Design Den the confidence to launch new products and continue their growth story.
  8. PlayShifu: Powering gen alpha with interactive & educational phygital toys

    Play Shifu makes a successful foray into the world of toys, thanks to the Amazon Global Selling program
  9. Strengthening India’s love for chai, one sip at a time

    Bala Sarda, CEO of Vahdam Teas, speaks on why he wants his brand to emerge as the singular home-grown leading tea brand and empower millions of tea growers while doing so
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