Saluting our sellers for rising up to the business challenges during COVID-19

A webinar that will be focussed on ‘Celebrating the spirit of MSMEs’ will recognise the change agents for their resilience and innovation during these tough times.
on 25 June 2020

The International Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) Day is observed every year across the world on June 27 to celebrate the strong contribution of MSME businesses in growth and development of any economy. It is a celebration of the gigantic contribution smaller companies make to the global economy, often away from the spotlight. On too, we are recognizing the efforts of the hundreds and thousands of sellers who provide our customers unlimited offerings through a variety of offerings. A webinar that will be focussed on ‘Celebrating the spirit of MSMEs’ will recognise sellers for their resilience and innovation during these tough times. A snapshot of the few sellers who we are shining the spotlight on:
  1. Green Souls - helping India 'mask up'

    As the government has made wearing masks compulsory while stepping out of the house, Shweta Vijayan, co-founder, GreenSouls, says that many started using surgical masks that led to a huge shortage and inaccessibility of these for those working in the medical field helping COVID patients. She adds, "Research shows that those not suffering from COVID-19, can use cotton masks too, leaving enough supply for those on the front lines of the Covid War. We, at Mitti are happy to help India mask-up. Our cotton, reusable, two ply masks have been made by our very own women artisans while sitting at home. While you mask-up, we take pride in fuelling the economy and keeping our women artisans gainfully employed. Stay protected and stay safe."
  2. The Love Co: To the aid of frontline workers

    The unprecedented impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, brought out a very inspirng facet of the The Love Co. Fuelled by the values and passions of its employees, Pulkit Jain, one of the founders said, "Guided by its family values and a spirit of giving, the company has made contributions to support the well-being of our communities, including donating masks, PPE Kits and hand sanitizer produced at the company’s facilities. It gave us quite relief when we supported the front line workers at the hospitals and the Force with our Hydroalcoholic Gel based sanitizers, masks both 3Ply made in India and the PPE kits which were developed under the guidance of doctors. It has been a unique effort by all the employees who came out to help the front line workers and supporting the community by working 24*7 with the hearts out for the people in need."
  3. Go Lifestyle store: Innovating during the crisis

    Jitendra of the Go Lifestyle store launched disinfectant products under sub-brand Lyfro which includes wireless chargers, boxes,screen cleaner and LED wand. It will be good to know that he did not have experience before in this category, but jumped right in to launch four products, which would protect the things that least bothered but are more prone to transfer of virus. He says, "All these products are UV enabled and are clinically proven to disinfect pathogens at 99.9%. These products are exclusively available on Amazon and launched it as part of safeguarding measures during the crisis."
  4. Vimal Jonney Clothing: Retained jobs with no pay cuts

    Making good use of the lockdown period, Abhishek of Vimal Clothing, which sells under the brand Vimal Jonney is based out of Ludhiana, which had been put on curfew through the major part of the lockdown period. But instead of getting dishartened, he says, "We majorly sell track pants, t-shirts and shorts. Post-COVID, we realise that these product lines would be critical in the changed customer preferences scenario where comfortable clothing would be in demand. So he kept his unit afloat and ensured that all his employees retain their jobs and were not subject to any pay-cuts or lay-offs in this difficult situation."
  5. Emazing Deals: Donating meals during COVID

    As sellers of Amazon they all understand the capability of the online platform to make products accessible pan India. However, for Tawheed Sofia, COVID presented a challenge, which they took on head on. he said, "When COVID-19 hit us hard and we were in lockdown the images of migrant labourers walking and their plight was for all to see. We all as a country wanted to help, but we in a lockdown. That is when the Essential Box campaign of Amazon and Akshay Patra started. We worked with Akshayapatra, made the product listing on Amazon and delivered truck loads of supplies to them. This ensured that meals were served to the needy. We had anticipated around 10-20K orders but it surpassed all expectations and had over 90K orders - translating into - over 1.8 million meals!!"

  6. Nirvi Handicrafts: Supporting over 400 artisans with personal savings

    Nirvi Handicrafts is an initiative that is working towards reviving Indian handicrafts and helping artisans who make these handicrafts.
    Aatish Chavan, co-founder, KalaPuri, says, "During COVID-19 lockdown, we not only dealt with the challenges around our business, but we wanted to support our community and thus inspire others. Believing that the actions speaks louder than words we supported close to 400 artisans using our personal savings, and also distributed more than 300 relief kits to those who were in need."
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