When COVID-19 brought out the spirit of innovation in our sellers

Adapting to the changing world is what will be the key to survival for businesses. Many sellers of Amazon have realized this early on and are turning into innovators. We shine a spotlight on some of them.
on 01 June 2020
The world post-COVID-19 will not be the same again and a new normal will be established. Adaptability to this new normal will be the key to survival. Thankfully, some sellers of Amazon have realized this early on and are revolutionizing the way businesses are run during these dire times. They have effortlessly moulded the situation to their advantage and have come up with some unique products that are helping people in not just fighting COVID-19, but have helped them stayed afloat during these trying times.

Here, we bring you nine stories of Amazon’s sellers who innovated and adapted to the situation...
  1. Sagarfab International

    Sagarfab International firmly believes that there is an opportunity in every problem. That’s why they decided to efficiently blend the current situation with their expertise in cloth manufacturing to create the in-demand N95 masks. They converted their production line of t-shirts into one for these masks in no time. As a result, they are currently producing 50,000 low-cost masks per day for their customers to protect themselves from COVID-19 at a fraction of the price they were paying before elsewhere. Not just that, this seller is creating more and more job opportunities for people even during such dire times. Their work is commendable.
  2. Bon Organik

    Bon Organik is another apparel manufacturer turned mask producer that has revolutionized something as elementary as masks. They realised that the need of the hour is to save oneself from the deadly pandemic, rather than producing clothes. Thus, they shifted their focus towards printed masks and PPEs. The thought of adding a bit of glamour to their masks prompted them to mass-produce beautifully printed masks that worked for them as they are in high demand today.
  3. Strack

    One of the unexpected impacts of COVID-19 is the shift to the work- from-home model. Let us admit it. Working from home is not as easy as it sounds as the infrastructure that is available at an office might not be available at home. This situation could lead to health problems like backaches due to poor sitting posture. Strack has come up with a unique posture correcting device that helps you to maintain the correct position and avoid backaches even while working for long hours. A real saviour during such times.
  4. Daily Objects

    Daily Objects decided to take innovation one step further through their one-of-a-kind product that is helping their customers in fighting COVID-19.They have launched a portable multifunctional UV sterilizer that can help in disinfecting smartphones and other accessories that can be a potential carrier of the virus. No more worrying about the hygiene of these devices or using hand sanitizers on them, which can damage them.
  5. Saniquick

    It has taken thousands of lives lost and a pandemic for the world to realize the importance of hand sanitizers. However, people are still ignorant about the fact that even the container holding the sanitizer can have traces of the virus as it is touched by hundreds of people every day. That is why Fidelis Healthcare Private Limited came up with Saniquick, which is an automatic sanitizer dispenser. Their unique mechanism allows users to altogether avoid touching any device, thereby reducing the chances of catching the virus to zero.
  6. Pretty Kraft

    Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) kits are an absolute necessity for people who are living closely with infected patients, such as healthcare personnel or even family members who are taking care of patients. Sadly, most of these PPEs are highly-priced. They are kept far from the reach of common people, forcing them to adopt unsafe methods. Petty Kraft decided to reverse this trend and has started selling PPE kits at low prices. They are successfully manufacturing around 3000 kits in a day.
  7. Go Lifestyle Store

    A seller who didn’t have prior experience in disinfectant products has come up with a wonderful product in the form of a disinfectant box cum wireless charger for your mobile phone. They are also selling screen cleaners and LED wand. All of these help to keep yourself safe from the virus as all their products are UV enabled and are clinically proven to eliminate pathogens.
  8. Crownlit

    Crownlit, another hero seller in this list, is doing its part to help the society by selling personalized anti-touch handles. The handles can be used for various applications such as opening doors, lifting bags, operating switches, and flush, etc. This unique tool is quite easy to carry around and help you to break the chain on a day to day basis.
  9. Ananya by H & S Studio

    This apparel seller of Amazon turned out to be a hero in a unique way. They have ensured that they follow stringent hygiene rules at their production units. They are safeguarding their employees by providing masks and checking their temperature every day. Moreover, they are also protecting the health of their customers by providing infection-free apparel. They did this even though they had to start everything from scratch after a long gap of closure.
COVID-19 has has caused permanent changes to everything around us making us think that there is ony gloom ahead. But the above sellers, stood like pillars, adapted to the situation perfectly and showed us that innovation and optimism can take one far! Kudos these heroes and their untiring efforts.
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