Supporting small business

Reviving the Pochampally weave

Unveiling 12 one-of-a-kind products you shouldn’t miss!

An exclusive preview of some hand-picked pieces that will be on offer on ‘Amazon Small Business Day’.

The journey from floral waste to fragrant incense sticks

From technology to women empowerment to cleaning the Ganges, Phool, the organic incense brand has riveting journeys that add to the fragrance

A handcrafted eco-friendly brand created by homemakers

Read on to know how Green Souls helped to not just reduce carbon footprint but also helped women further their education

Revisiting the fine art of moulding mud

In a small village Siniyado, Gujarat that's about 10 kms away from the famous "White Rann," one man is on a mission to keep the art of mudwork alive

Rogan: The art that’s made direct dil se!

This is what Abdul Gafoor Khatri, master artisan and one of the last few custodians of this art form says about the art. We speak to him on how he is working to keep the art alive…

Threading together their own success story

How these siblings shaped a successful ethnic apparel enterprise – a stitch at a time

12 things that make Ajrakh unique

From its centuries old origins to the special process of its creation- find out what makes Ajrakh truly unique.

A small village in Kutch, revives a centuries-old art form - Ajrakh

After a devastating earthquake in 2001 destroyed their village completely, the resolve of Ismail Mohamed Khatri to preserve an old art form Ajrakh, saw him move his family and some willing community members to a new village, and start all over again. In this arid region of Kutch, history and handicraft blend seamlessly to revive the 16th century block printing art form

Tied Ribbons – opening doors for Indian art and handicraft

Working with artisans from across India, Priya Tyagi resolved to bring Indian art and handicraft back from the brink of death
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