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Artisanal homes: Timeless home decor with handmade heritage

The various crafts of India finished by hands and its creative visualisation into home spaces create timeless homes, unconstrained by any boundaries, trends or styles. Discover and create homes that exude warmth and character this festive season.

Bound by Bharat: Treasures of India’s State Emporiums

Can you travel through India in half an hour? Strange as it may sound, it is possible to time travel across the vast land while browsing through the finest collections of India’s State Emporiums.

Nielsen study shows Amazon sellers preparing to invest in hiring, expect business recovery

The 17-city study also says the total number of sellers on have increased from 5.5 lakh to 6.5 lakh in the last nine months, even as sellers are preparing to invest in hiring, personnel training & infra support and new product launches this festive season

Gold from roots - fables of natural fiber crafts

For centuries, nature has given birth to craft languages and utility items that were fashioned from locally available resources, inspired by folklores, and shaped by local climates and communities. One of India’s many such handmade crafts is made from natural fibres.

Earth to Chisel: Magnificent metal crafts of India

The invention of metal by early societies became a hallmark of civilization. Even to this date, the knowledge, skill and expertise connected with different metals from various regions of India have been carried over by generations of artisans as a legacy. Explore the wonders from deep under the earth.

Weave a handmade tale into your Diwali story

India was a ‘golden bird’ not just for its precious stones and heritage, but also for the rich history and tradition of its dexterous weaves that continue to attract global attention to this day. This festive season, don’t just buy a handmade piece, bring home a living heritage for generations to savour.

When robots helped hospitals clean up safely during the pandemic

Rajeev Karwal speaks of how the robots his company makes helped the AIIMS docs during the pandemic and how their newest product line, which launched on Prime Day, will make cleaning easy and safe.

From big brands to home grown businesses, all are ‘Primed’ for D-day

Despite the COVID crisis this year, Prime Day 2020 promises to be special with big brands, small businesses and entrepreneurs all ready to offer special deals at this mega shopping event.

Small businesses hope big for Prime Day

Many SMBs are eagerly awaiting Prime Day, which brings with it the promise of new customers and increased sales. So let’s take a look at what some of our sellers hope for this Prime Day.
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