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From lagori to lattu to DIY toys - Amazon's Made in India toy store to give fillip to homegrown brands

With this launch, sellers from 15 Indian states will showcase over thousands of unique toys across ‘toy-categories’ like traditional toys, handmade toys and educational toys.

Road to recovery long, but festive sales have put back the smile on sellers' faces!

As success stories of sellers start trickling in, we are saluting the hard work, patience and entrepreneurial spirit of our sellers to achieve the kind of success that they have this festive season...

Webinar on 'Taking local global' provides insights on e-commerce exports opportunities for SMBs

The Amazon India-Lokmat webinar gave business owners a comprehensive primer on everything one should know to build, grow and scale their exports business.

Three new emporiums launch on during ‘Great Indian Festival’

Gramin from West Bengal Khadi and Village Industries Board, Kabira and Vindhya Valley from Khadi and Village Industries Board (Bhopal), and Manjusha from West Bengal Handicrafts Development Corporation launch on

Local, neighbourhood stores embrace technology to serve their entire city: #ShopBigSupportSmall

Rising adoption of e-commerce has not just changed the way India shops, but also how small businesses sell. Local Shops is one such program where popular sellers of an area are no more restricted to just that area alone. Read these stories and support small businesses

The A to Z of Indian handicrafts: Go #Local4Diwali

India’s handcrafted heritage—right from its diverse weaves and pottery styles to metal, grass and even wool works—comes with its own language of colours, motifs and folklores, reflecting the magnificent and diverse history of our land. At Amazon India we are proud of this inheritance, and find it humbling to provide a platform to empower our innumerable artisan communities across the country. We urge you to keep those countless artisans in mind when you shop for Diwali this year.

While their craft speaks volumes, artisans are persons of few words: #ShopBigSupportSmall

So observe with care and love, because when you see a piece of handmade art, it's almost like hearing an artisan speak through his craft. Listen to the sounds of silence and support small businesses on Amazon

इस दिवाली खुद बुनें अपनी कहानी

भारत न केवल अपने कीमती पत्थरों और विरासत के लिए एक ‘सोने की चिड़िया’ था, बल्कि अपनी निपुण बुनाई की परंपरा और समृद्ध इतिहास के लिए भी था जो आज भी वैश्विक ध्यान आकर्षित करता है। इस त्योहार के मौसम में, केवल एक हाथ से बुना हुआ टुकड़ा मत खरीदो, बल्कि अपने आने वाली पीढ़ियों के लिए घर में एक जीवित विरासत ले आओ।

Enabling MSMEs in their journey towards 'aatmanirbharta' #ShopBigSupportSmall

Amazon India conducts a series of webinars featuring industry stakeholders to help engage with MSMEs in UP and Gujarat. Read more...

The splendour of India’s woollen weaves

Take a sneak peek at the woollen weaves from the land of the Himalayas to the white deserts of Kutch, which have taken the world by storm.
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